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Antonyms for untraceable

incapable of being traced or tracked down

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Out of total 10,978 cases, at least 3,266 burglary incidents were declared by police as untraceable and 1950 cases are still under investigation.
Therefore, the embassy has written to the Telangana government again, saying that the body will be buried in Abu Dhabi as requested by the local authorities, if his family or relatives are still untraceable.
Vanishing companies are those that fail to file documents and balance sheets after raising funds through public issues and are untraceable.
WITH terror raising its ugly head in the country, the Intelligence Bureau has asked all agencies to collect details of the Pakistani and Bangladeshi nationals who remain untraceable after their visit to Uttar Pradesh in last 10 years.
Utilising Tor's encryption program, information travels through this network taking random paths, making its origin and destination untraceable.
Hundreds of diffuse mesothelioma sufferers across the country unable to claim compensation as their employer or employer s liability insurer is untraceable have already been helped.
com and arranged face-to-face meetings in which they would hand over virtual currency, Bitcoin, wallet codes in exchange for cash, rendering the transactions effectively untraceable.
THE TERRORIST NEXT DOOR provides a new David Gold thriller and is set in Chicago, where someone is setting off fire combs using untraceable cell phones.
Surjit Singh, a BSF sepoy who is a prisoner of war for the past 42 years in Pakistan, remains untraceable and his wife Angrez Kaur and son Amrik Singh continue to live between hope and despair.
However, 0800 numbers can be linked to untraceable mobile phones, local addresses can be bogus, and websites can make false claims.
In the past two years, nearly 6,000 children--mostly girls--were untraceable in the state, according to official figures, with a total of about 20,000 young people missing in 2010 and 2011.
This money is completely untraceable once it has been paid.
But the likely conclusion is that the military government has looted the central bank's reserves and placed them in untraceable accounts and property outside the country.
The reader is given the impression that, in an unspecified period, the UK Border Agency has managed to repatriate less than 40,000 of all failed asylum seekers, and that 74,500-odd individuals have now been 'written off ' as untraceable, as they have gone missing.
Shop Shield replaces all real financial and personal identifying information with data that is accepted by almost any website but is untraceable to its user.