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Synonyms for untouchable

belongs to lowest social and ritual class in India

beyond the reach of criticism or attack or impeachment

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impossible to assail


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forbidden to the touch

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( especially used in traditional Hindu belief of the lowest caste or castes) defiling

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not capable of being obtained

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He said: "Lord Hardwicke bragged he was untouchable because he was a lord.
But Premier John Bruton warned yesterday: "Nobody is untouchable.
The club said the two are untouchable as are pitchers Eric Gagne, Luke Prokopec and Matt Herges and third baseman Adrian Beltre - all now with the Dodgers.
The untouchable supervisors, representing 2 million county residents each, are armed with campaign war chests so vast that no one even dares to run against them.
Bell Gardens has been untouchable in the playoffs thus far.
The third group of Untouchable females, the students at the Delta School of Nursing, shine even more brilliantly.
IAN Hunt ley suf fered a suspected broken nose in a jail attack after he told a fellow prisoner: "I'm untouchable.
But being an Untouchable Christian, she and hundreds of others in southern Indian states are being denied government relief assistance which is duly distributed among other communities.
And he has warned the rest of his star-studded squad that no-one is untouchable under his regime.
Christian and Muslim Dalits, those with family roots in the untouchable castes, have been excluded from the privileges on the grounds that these religions do not have castes.
Artifacts like Wodiczko's Homeless Vehicle were laid out on black tiles, decontextualized and untouchable, transformed into static museum art.
In addition, a few pioneering tenants have brought retail to areas of Manhattan previously considered untouchable.
According to the court, "Government does not have to treat religion like an untouchable pariah in order to avoid state entanglement with religion in violation of the Establishment Clause.
Such busts mark President Vicente Fox's radical new approach for dealing with the country's biggest tax evaders, many of whom seemed untouchable.
Discussion follows the division of labour by gender and caste and contributions made by untouchable women to subsistence, family farm production and wage-income work (p.