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Synonyms for untired

with unreduced energy

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Days, even weeks untired and onward, through spaces, realms gyrating,
I was so excited I couldn't wait until next month when, untired, I would be ready to shoot a perfect score.
Labour's freshness as a Government, untired and not yet disillusioned, new faces without the weary baggage of thirty years of struggling with communal strife, met faction leaders who were utterly weary.
You come fresh, unanxious and untired to greet your guests with a Frigidaire in the background
Guinness, declares her soul "would track" that secret mazy path and ultimately "trace untired the vast omnific plan.
Evoking "One day passed by, and nothing saw but love; / Another came, and still 'twas only love / The suns were wearied out with looking on, / And I untired with loving" (2:285), Sylvia writes, "I saw the day come on, and cursed its busy light, and still you cried, one blessed minute more, before I part with all the joys of life
We crossed the lowlands with that untired rapidity of movement which had made Gaspar Ruiz' raids so famous.
When I behold a certain party supporting and clinging to such a measure, almost to a man, I see men faithful only to their own principles; pursuing with steady step and untired zeal, the uniform tenor of their political life.
But if they announced an election tomorrow, I would be very untired very quickly.
Speakers applauded the untired working and leadership qualities of Zaka Ashraf saying that for the prosperity of farmer community, historical and revolutionary steps had been taken during his tenure.
Apparently, though, he got tired and needed a break to get untired.