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not plowed or harrowed or hoed

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Later, he revealed that Season 4 of "American Horror story-Freak Show" will feature clues about the untilled Season 5 of "American Horror Story.
Still, as her daughter plays outside in a mound of untilled soil, Mariam says bombs are not the biggest problem.
leaving no need for the spices from Moluccas, and the medicines from Arabia and Persia, given that our Indies yield them spontaneously in the untilled fields and in the mountains.
The comparison of schoolchildren to untilled soil has another significance beyond its resonance with liberal intellectual history.
From there he makes a cardinal mistake in taking Joyce's Dubliners, Moore's Untilled Field, Yeats's Essays and Introductions, and D.
From left: Untitled (Weather Score), 2002: Untilled (Liegender Frauenakt), 2012.
A negligible influence of ploughing is observed, since the differences between pH values in the 0-10 and 10-20 cm soil layers of the former plough layer reduced compared with the former untilled meadow.
The researchers tilled some plots, left others untilled, and used two different cultural practices to control weeds and apply nitrogen fertilizer.
Here the good and evil have changed places: so many wars in the world, so many forms of wickedness, no honor for the plow, farmers conscripted, the mournful fields untilled, and curved pruning hooks are beaten into unbending swords.
She writes that Africa has "fully one third of the earth's remaining untilled arable land".
The work is called Untilled and its materials are described as 'alive entities and inanimate things, made and not made'.
Betty planted corn on half an acre of untilled land and soybeans on the other half, both of which she received as part of the program.
A glance northwest toward the timeless Roanoke reveals an innocuous brushy wood lying in the middle of a farm field, unkempt and untilled.