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Synonyms for untie

Synonyms for untie

Synonyms for untie

undo the ties of

cause to become loose


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By the way," said Father Brown, "might it not be as well to untie Mr Todhunter?
Look here," cried the young woman, "if you don't let me pass to untie him I'll run outside and scream for the police.
Say it again, please," he said in a simple, bothered manner; "do you mean that Todhunter can tie himself up all alone and untie himself all alone?
He carried under his arm a brown paper parcel, the strings of which he commenced at once to untie.
To her mind this complicated tangle of the affairs of life was a Gordian knot impossible to untie and which genius ought to cut.
You would depart, of course, in the same fashion, and your ally would draw up the rope, untie it from the hook, shut the window, snib it on the inside, and get away in the way that he originally came.
Every time he was going to untie his sledge, the person nodded to him, and then Kay sat quiet; and so on they went till they came outside the gates of the town.
That is a grief we all feel, a knot we cannot untie.
There isn't any bond so strong that I won't break it for you, no knot I won't untie, if you give me the right.
While speaking she raised her hands above her head to untie her veil, and that movement displayed for an instant the seductive grace of her youthful figure, clad in the simplest of mourning.
I had now not a moment to lose, for nineteen of the dreadful wretches sat upon the ground, all close huddled together, and had just sent the other two to butcher the poor Christian, and bring him perhaps limb by limb to their fire, and they were stooping down to untie the bands at his feet.
You haven't got nothing to untie, sir,' returned Miss Miggs, 'and therefore your requests does not surprise me.
Eh mum, I'm loth, that I am," said Bob, slowly depositing his pack on the step, and beginning to untie it with unwilling fingers.
Spirituality collections strong in Catholic images and new interpretations of women's strengths will find Untie the Strong Woman: Blessed Mother's Immaculate Love for the Wild Soul to be a powerful ysis.
In particular she analyzes the trend in recent decades to untie food aid from commercial interests in most places but the US.