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Synonyms for untidiness

the state of being messy or unkempt

Synonyms for untidiness

the condition of being untidy

the trait of being untidy and messy

References in classic literature ?
It appeared to me, at the first glance, that both the man and the woman were respectable people, but brought to that pitch of poverty where untidiness seems to get the better of every effort to cope with it, till at last they take a sort of bitter satisfaction in it.
But suddenly he fell upon me almost with fury; I had had no time to mutter more than a couple of words; but he had doubtless observed that I was decently dressed and, therefore, took deep offence because I had dared enter his den so unceremoniously, and spy out the squalor and untidiness of it.
I agreed with him that nobody could help the untidiness of the vestry, and then suggested that we should proceed to our business without more delay.
His fingers had ruffled his hair into a dissipated untidiness.
The 49-year-old posted a photo on his Facebook page explaining that the site had been treated with respect and that the untidiness was due to wind and rain.
CTO chairman Angelos Loizou told the Cyprus Mail: "We discussed a number of main issues which included the general overall untidiness of Paphos and areas which are not clean.
The constant cigarette smoking, the vicious skin infection, the travelling and ever-growing untidiness were further abrasions in a bourgeois world, but it was as if he rose from the ashes of inconsequential things to point a particular way, to get to the heart of any matter.
It seems the more people have, the less they care about the mess and untidiness.
One minute, you're arguing about his untidiness, the next it's mansion tax.
ready, set, grow: We're making inroads into the untidiness that so often prevails at this time of year.
READY, SET, GROW: We're making real inroads into the general untidiness that so often prevails at this time of year.
The top three reasons women gave for the stress associated with decorating were: general mess and untidiness (44 percent), the cost of decorating (32 percent) and having too little time to decorate (31 percent).
JOANNA Lumley hates untidiness so much she often leaves motorway service loos looking.
73% say clutter & untidiness are worst side-effects of cramped conditions
Although Warner was infamously kicked out of the Cricket Australia Centre of Excellence as a youngster for untidiness, his brother Steve was a New South Wales under-17 representative, touring England in 1996, although he walked away from cricket, and is now a plumber by trade working as a baggage handler with Virgin Australia.