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Synonyms for unthreatening

not unfriendly or threatening


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Citizens are comfortable talking to police who are "Officer Friendly"' the nice-guy cop on the beat whose uniform, equipment, and demeanor are unthreatening.
According to the report, Rogen is now the "stoner king of comedy" due to his "special gift" to audiences in which he portrays a "sweet, unthreatening geniality.
While the guitar remained resolutely unplucked, support act Gareth Richards did wheel out a now-defunct omnichord electronic instrument (circa 1981) in a cheerful but unthreatening set that involved surreal-ish "comedy" songs and gags about marriage and parenthood.
According to Sport24, Haddin said that with England on 55 for two at lunch on day two, McDermott had stern words for what was shaping up as an unthreatening Australian attack, adding that the talk had the desired effect as the fired-up Mitchell Johnson, finishing with four wickets, led a rout of the England batsmen who slumped to be all out for just 136.
Cagayan led by as much as 23-11 before PLDT made a late but unthreatening run in the second set.
As one of the few Loose Women panellists you wouldn't be afraid to meet in a dark alley, Millican's unique selling point is her very ordinariness and she has the audience eating out of the palm of her hand with her down to earth observations, self-deprecating humour (lots of it about her love of food and aversion to exercise) and rudeness, diluted through that unthreatening Geordie accent.
Moore's investigation of the early regulation of cinema in Toronto is closely linked to what he describes as 'showmanship,' understood here as the ways theatre owners promoted moviegoing as a safe and unthreatening activity.
We also thought it would be a great unthreatening forum for showcasing unpublished stories.
SOMERSBY becomes the latest leading Irish Independent Arkle Trophy contender to face an examination of his Cheltenham credentials when he lines up against a small and, seemingly, largely unthreatening field in the Lindley Catering Novices' Chase at Hereford today, writes Tom Kerr.
Using frame analysis, this paper shows that the frames used to portray Japanese Canadians changed from the Unthreatening Community Frame, 1946-1980, to the Justified Victims Frame, 1981-1990, to the Model Minority Frame, 1991-2000.
The old comfort of an unthreatening status quo is no longer available," said Pope.
The castle walls, softened by clumps of rosy valerian, looked unthreatening and, as always, I was filled with awe.
As a potential four-quadrant entertainment film without any gore or horror, "Forbidden Kingdom" fills the bill of delivering unthreatening entertainment for the widest possible demographic, which is what China seems to want these days from its filmmakers.
His utter lack of personality and backbone convinces high-powered senior partner McAllister (Rutger Hauer) that Rick's the perfect, unthreatening schlub to drive his beloved but "wild" niece, Michelle ("That '70s Show's" Mila Kunis) from Savannah to L.