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Synonyms for unthoughtful

devoid of consideration for others' feelings

Synonyms for unthoughtful

not exhibiting or characterized by careful thought

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But I sent them away with good confidence because people have done that to me before where my confidence has been destroyed by passing unthoughtful or ignorant comments they haven't thought about.
Erdogan said that a state's irresponsible, unthoughtful and reckless breach of law would do harm to people's perception of justice, as well as the reliability of international organizations.
These unthoughtful statements are hardly the elements of compromise.
I would like to suggest that another consequence of the unthoughtful use of traditional approaches to legal instruction is the exaltation of rationality over other values which are of great importance to our society.
Obnoxious, unthoughtful behaviors always reverberate louder in quiet, pristine woods.
Our view is being spoiled all because some unthoughtful youngsters want to have a bit of fun.
He added: "I am amazed that anyone could be so uncaring or unthoughtful at this poignant time on the 20th anniversary of the Enniskillen bomb.
The article was not only unthoughtful and irresponsible but a cruel and heartless act by the newspaper involved.
This inattention to related research on Vanuatu gives way to a somewhat unthoughtful narrative style.
In fact, she justifies her writing as a reaction, not the fruit of unthoughtful "transient inebriation" but of reasonable afterthought (p.
They proved themselves completely unthoughtful and incompetent," he said.
Indeed, the evidently unthoughtful talks foray of the government with the outlawed outfit is palpably working as a big catalyst for other violent groups and other gangs operating in the country, giving potent fillip to their vile activities.
His comedy is offensive not because it is charming, racist snark, but because it is so unthoughtful, so behind that it's almost quaint.
These were totally reckless and unthoughtful actions, which could have caused very serious damage, injuries or even death.