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so unexpected as to have not been imagined

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Markets come and go, consumer tastes change, technological advances open-up previous unthought-of windows of opportunity.
The film drew heavily on footage of the many stars they had trained, and it was evocative to hear O'Sullevan's long-lost and animated voice declaring "the Derby winner has hacked up" while replaying Mill Reef's King George, then announcing "it's an unthought-of horse" as Beech Road sprang his Champion Hurdle surprise before revelling in Lochsong.
In addition to wide price swings for recycled fiber, there have also been "bid-ups" in the price of mixed paper to previously unthought-of heights.
This approach enables agents to reach those nearing or already planning retirement, plus the often unthought-of group of younger employees who should be encouraging their parents to purchase LTC insurance or considering purchasing it for their parents and themselves.
Theatre is a haven for experimentation, the unthought-of equation - a place where we can bounce off walls.
Thinking the unthought-of round the clock, he invented not only his world-transforming telephone but a metal detector, an early version of the iron lung, and a "photophone" that sent sound by light waves, preceding Marconi's wireless by 18 years.
When I die, I hope I become the wind going into the wind dissolving into moist weather, my tears, my many small gestures offering themselves as humble unthought-of answers.
Wea re excited to provide a path for young, growing and passionate startups to change the future of the wireless industry in unthought-of ways,a said Lixin Cheng, chairman and CEO of ZTE USA.
The rapid pace of change and growth in the industry in the past few years provides previously unthought-of career opportunities.