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so unexpected as to have not been imagined

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Let me propose that the possibility of a sexual relationship between Emily and Tobe proves not so much unthinkable as unthought.
It could be left unthought, though, if you never thought about it.
The unthought debt; Heidegger and the Hebraic heritage.
Or, maybe not -- when writing an essay in Norwegian, a Dutch exchange student of ours got some nuances of meaning confused when looking up the word for 'reinforced', and came up with 'armed concrete' -- perhaps that hitherto unthought of material will be invented to counteract terrorist attacks?
Topics unthought of a half century ago now get top billing.
Not an object of art-historical study but a revelation when unthought things were piling up awaiting their turn at the writer's table, waiting because the words were going one way but the music another.
Of course this works best when unthought and unsaid.
It may not be dear to the person what he [or she] has discovered but the picturing inside the mind of some person or event has the integrity of memory rather than the fracture of hallucination," notes Bollas about the condition in The Shadow of the Object: Psychoanalysis of the Unthought Known (New York: Columbia University Press, 1987): 271.
Americans historically have had distaste for politicians, but teenagers today have witnessed political sordidness unthought of only a generation ago:
On the other hand, the Japanese economy has offset those losses by creating whole new industries unthought of 20 years ago.
Today the Georgian TV station, Moambe, is producing documentaries on food and cigarette shortages-projects unthought of a year ago.
New business models require an organization to open up its information resources to a previously unthought of degree.
But the strength of the best art criticism is its inner understanding that the visual confronts the written with the unthought of language; in the absence of the assertive, large-scale illustration provided by a magazine like Artforum, it can be too easy to speak of the visual without speaking to it.