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Synonyms for unthinkingly

in a thoughtless manner

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In a second he lived again through all these moments, and then all the pathos of his failure presented itself to him with such vividness that there was a suspicion of tears in his tone when he said almost unthinkingly, "My God
This is what millions of English speaking Christians devoutly, but unthinkingly, say every time that they recite "Our Father .
But I am also calling upon university students and graduates not to accept unthinkingly what is taught in the university.
WE can learn from Walthamstow warrior Stella Creasy spending the past few days apologising for a crude cartoon she unthinkingly posted on the Labour MPs' health campaign WhatsApp messaging service.
Why did it (Europe) have to unthinkingly, out of political competition and a desire to please the big brother in Washington, unreservedly support the breakaway of Kosovo provoking similar processes in other regions of Europe and the world?
And this is the worrying part: The revisionism appears to be working especially on the young, many of whom are wont to unthinkingly pine for a supposed 'golden age' under the Marcos dictatorship - one with no traffic, no crime, no drug addicts, and no rallies.
magazine , social anthropologist Kate Fox, author of "Watching English: The Hidden Rules of English Behaviour," has identified eight words others might throw about unthinkingly that are no-nos among the ultimate British elite.
And so should those (including some of us in the press) who unthinkingly believed that cover-up.
But whether we were wishing the country away on fantasy oil projections or just unthinkingly filling our cars with the stuff each weekend, we have been in collective denial about Scotland's oil future.
Plaid group leader Coun Neil McEvoy said: "In a few months' time, we will get Labour councillors wringing their hands saying that they have no option but to make cuts and it is all the fault of the terrible Conservatives in London, despite it being the Red Tories in Cardiff Bay who unthinkingly slash local government.
But its meaning is front and center, poignantly underscored throughout this exquisitely illustrated picture book that looks at how adults unthinkingly trod--sometimes fatally--on children's creativity.
Signposts would be resolute and unchanging in the face of criticism or challenge Weathervanes spin on their axis, responding swiftly and unthinkingly to changes in the wind.
We wish to convey our dismay at the concept of this advertisement, and that you have, perhaps unthinkingly, associated with such a regressive portrayal of a child to sell a product.
Even a trip to the Vic can't take her mind off things, especially when it turns out Ian is having his hastily arranged stag do there, and he unthinkingly offers her a drink.
Even a trip to the Vic can't take a trip to the Vic can't take e her mind off things, especially when it turns out Ian is having his stag do there, and he unthinkingly offers her a drink.