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lacking care and attention

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JEZZINE, Lebanon: From untended woodland to an ecotourism landmark, the Bkassine Pine Forest in the southern district of Jezzine has become popular destination for lovers of the outdoors.
While Benkhald has sent letters and launched a Twitter campaign, his requests have gone ignored by the authorities, and the cemetery continues to remain untended for.
Instead, it is the engaging natural and period details of his youth that furnish the best moments--rubber trees, imported from Brazil, the only plant to turn yellow and lose its leaves in the Malayan tropics; or a vignette where a juvenile Wong raids untended rambutan trees because British colonial officials have removed the owners (who might be sympathetic to the Communist guerrillas).
An unidentified white male believed to be associated with an untended car nearby, was declared dead at the scene.
Surely that's better than the many untended, rubbish-strewn eyesores that you see.
Previous studies found no significant difference in the probing behavior of aphids between ant-tened and untended individuals (Rauch et al.
But when I arrived in Paris this fall to meet with him--we sat in an untended garden, pictured here, behind the residence of the fashion designer Azzedine Alaia--I let go of nearly everything I'd learned.
While true for many house cats, large populations of feral cats remain largely untended.
Walking around one sees more and more front gardens left untended or full of litter.
What price independence when your children hunger, the sick die untended and you're denied a vote?
Amongst other horrors, food and drink were left out of reach of patients while their relatives had to clean the toilets and patients who soiled themselves went untended.
The unusual campaign, using coats of paint and brushes, has been launched in Madhubani, a northern Bihar district known for its religious and cultural awareness, resulting in hundreds of otherwise untended roadside trees covered in elaborate artwork.
She explores the political garden: horticultural courtship, the untended garden: Shakespeare and the anti-paradise, the corporeal garden masquerading in paradise, the colonial garden: collecting paradise, and the revolutionary garden: Milton and early modern environmental thinking.
The apples are misshapen, lined with maggot, and scabby, but the trees still bloom just as rapturously untended and the sauce is sweet.