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not characteristic of or skilled in applied arts and sciences


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To generalize, in a nation long dominated by front-running speed, more races on the synthetics are won by come-from-behinders (in part for a highly untechnical reason: fewer dirt clods pelting the trailing horses).
Here's a modest, decidedly untechnical suggestion: Stop loading private data on laptops that can easily be lost or stolen.
The unusual--and welcome--simplicity of this definition is so untechnical as to seem hardly psychoanalytic, since it makes no mention of the unconscious drives responsible for the projection.
Indeed, the Court has been explicit in some cases, stating, for example, that the meaning of property is not interpreted in the "vulgar and untechnical sense of the physical thing with respect to which citizens exercises rights recognized by law.
But the funniest thing is I'm the most untechnical person in the world.
As such, it is relatively untechnical and therefore easily accessible for the interested, educated person, who wants to know about what the issues linguistic are.
It is an evocation, an untechnical but thoughtful enquiry supported by a very good bibliography and made by TIM SEABORNE's excellent photographs, suggestive, ironic and humorous by turns.
Aristotle is attempting to establish the omnipresence of excess and deficiency, "in any sort of action, both scientific and nonscientific, both technical and untechnical.
The autonomy and authority of formal caregivers can be muted by the home setting, by the ordinary," untechnical nature of the care provided, by dependency on family caregivers and tensions created by family supervision of care.
UnTechnical Press announces the release of Taming the Electronic Beast: Conquering Computer Fear, a book that helps computer beginners get over the fear, fight the nervousness and obtain the right attitude to take advantage of today's technology.
Taming the Electronic Beast is the first book in a new series from UnTechnical Press called Advice From the Neighborhood Nerd(TM) -- books to help even the most nontechnical people understand and use computers and other technologies that have become a part of modern life.
However, one important step in this direction was made in the early part of last year by Birmingham's planning department with its Visions document and its accompanying untechnical Technical Document.
in its vulgar and untechnical sense of the physical thing with respect to