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not characteristic of or skilled in applied arts and sciences


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Valuev is not only the biggest heavyweight champion in history but he's probably also one of the most untechnical too.
In unreflected, untechnical language, words are often thought of as semantically monolithic.
The other, the one concerned with pleasure, to which the whole of its service is entirely devoted, proceeds toward its object in a quite untechnical way, without having at all considered either the nature of pleasure or its aitia.
The boffins have excelled themselves by doing a terribly untechnical thing: they've counted the words that each of the sexes spout in their daily lives.
That plausibility, however, rests on using our ordinary untechnical predicate 'moral': the claim is not plausible if it is replaced by '[moral.
To generalize, in a nation long dominated by front-running speed, more races on the synthetics are won by come-from-behinders (in part for a highly untechnical reason: fewer dirt clods pelting the trailing horses).
Here's a modest, decidedly untechnical suggestion: Stop loading private data on laptops that can easily be lost or stolen.
Property interests are not confined in the "vulgar and untechnical [sic] sense [to] the physical thing with respect to which the citizen exercises rights recognized by law.
The unusual--and welcome--simplicity of this definition is so untechnical as to seem hardly psychoanalytic, since it makes no mention of the unconscious drives responsible for the projection.
Indeed, the Court has been explicit in some cases, stating, for example, that the meaning of property is not interpreted in the "vulgar and untechnical sense of the physical thing with respect to which citizens exercises rights recognized by law.
But the funniest thing is I'm the most untechnical person in the world.
Writing in an untechnical style intended for the educated student unfamiliar with Islamic history, Riddell reviews the origins and early compilation of the Qur'an, debates concerning the role of reason as opposed to revelation, the development of Qur'anic exegesis (tafsir) and law (hsari'a), the changing role of mysticism and the rise of reformism in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
Although UnTechnical writing is aimed at the writer, primarily of software user manuals, anyone who must write about technology or science for the layperson will learn something from the book.
As such, it is relatively untechnical and therefore easily accessible for the interested, educated person, who wants to know about what the issues linguistic are.
Aristotle is attempting to establish the omnipresence of excess and deficiency, "in any sort of action, both scientific and nonscientific, both technical and untechnical.