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Synonyms for untaught

Synonyms for untaught

lacking in schooling

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In Study 1, participants were taught 60 root words and four prefixes and increased their accurate definitions for untaught prefixed words.
Everybody knows that there's certain buttons, when you push 'em-certain switches, when you turn 'em on-there's no stopping, especially for undisciplined, untrained, untaught, and unraised children who just want affection from somebody or anybody.
Perkins analyses examples from a wide range of Christian sources, such as the Clementine Romance, the apocryphal Acts of the Apostles, which emphasise both the apostles' lack of education and their power, the canonical Acts of the Apostles, which highlight that John and Peter are illiterate and untrained, Justin Martyr, Origen, the Infancy Gospel of Thomas, where the knowledge of the untaught child Jesus trumps that of the pepaideumenoi, and abba Arsenius, a well educated senator who, as a Christian ascetic, became a disciple of an illiterate peasant who was a holy man.
Statistical population were all second Grade Elementary schools in Dezfool chosen by stage cluster sampling on 180 students according to their taught and untaught teachers (9o students in experimental group and 9o in control group) from 12 elementary schools in the centers of northern, Razavi and southern Khorasan (Bognurd, Mashhad, Birgand) who were studying in 2013-2014.
The section titled "The Untaught Teacher" contains pieces on imagination and dreaming.
The great classics of economics, from Adam Smith to David Ricardo to Thorstein Veblen, go untaught.
Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Information Professions" was resurrected in the Fall of 2011 after 9 years on the list of untaught courses.
The initial home will be the organization's unique prototype and will provide the girls with a primary education in life skills that were left untaught within the foster care system.
The participants were taught one type of tact response, and then later probed for the emission of a corresponding untaught intraverbal response.
9 Teacher 0 100 Note: Bold lines indicate separation between words that were taught and untaught at each probe condition.
His words provide hope that what has been taught can be untaught, because there is nothing inherent in denigrating or oppressing one's fellow man.
The untaught peasant beheld the elements around him and was acquainted with their practical uses.
This selection of different options independent of the surrounding and socialization support show that the child could 'Create' options for his own facility and in many cases these option- selection was clearly untaught.
To the philosophical conception, intuition constitutes pure, untaught, a priori knowledge independent of any reasoning process, or, in other words, the immediate apprehension of an object that does not rely on a previous cognition of the same object.