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not occurring together

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Therefore, it is probable to find physiological processes unsynchronised in ICU shift-workers (1).
Double-yolk eggs result from an error in this process, caused by yolk production becoming unsynchronised with that of the rest of the egg - there can even be triple yolks.
They clattered the heavy metal clothes hangers which sent them swinging like unsynchronised clock pendulums.
The unsynchronised admission dates are bound to keep parents school hopping.
These included the potential impact on liquidity, for example the liquidity and intra-day VWAP benchmarks generated by the Itayose call auction period that runs during the lunch break, the potential flow from night-time trading, and the possibility for price manipulation that could arise from unsynchronised trading hours between the equity and futures market.
It was apparent when studying the videos that the interaction between child and parent was unsynchronised.
Sadly, I must haf nodded off at zis point, and was rescued by Lauren, who woke to tell me that we had arrived back at the beach, and that I won the unsynchronised swimmer of the year award.
It took some time for "talkies" to become popular due to the poor quality of the system, which was hampered by severe distortion and unsynchronised sound.
The gearbox originally had three gears - unsynchronised - but later, a four-speed synchronised option was offered.
Using the unsynchronised introduction of activity-based funding in the fourteen counties, it is possible to estimate how much of the observed productivity increase can be ascribed to the funding reform: the best existing study argues that the effect is sometime overestimated by government, but nevertheless finds a statistically significant and positive effect when controlling for county-specific conditions (Bech et al.
They are examples of combinations of unsynchronised reforms.
This can be seen in a six minute home movie of her entertaining at the piano at an after-show party,but with the unsynchronised sound.
The report also focused on technical problems involving security equipment, including unsynchronised CCTV recordings which varied from real time.
The Chinese Authority realises that the co-existence of under-nutrition and over-nutrition in the country is a result of unsynchronised economic development across the country.
The upshot of this reasoning is that in a common currency area, shocks and business cycles should preferably be asymmetric and unsynchronised, respectively.