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She thought of another woman, whose dress never was too fine for little wet cheeks to lie against, or loving little arms to press; whose face, in spite of many lines and the gray hairs above it, was never sour or unsympathetic when children's eyes turned towards it; and whose hands never were too busy, too full or too nice to welcome and serve the little sons and daughters who freely brought their small hopes and fears, sins and sorrows, to her, who dealt out justice and mercy with such wise love.
It was as if she enjoyed looking forward to something in which nothing, neither an unsympathetic mother, nor the cruel fate which had made her a colourless little nonentity, could prevent her from being the chief performer.
The unsympathetic presentation of Malvolio is of the same sort which Puritans regularly received in the Elizabethan drama, because of their opposition to the theater.
And when he was informed that the girl was in bed, not feeling well at all he showed an unsympathetic alarm.
The dark young lady rose from her chair and walked to the window, evidently in a state of strong but not unsympathetic cogitation.
That was "how it happened," or, rather, how Helen described it to her sister, using words even more unsympathetic than my own.
It--" Here she paused and looked about the table at the circle of unsympathetic faces staring hard at the plates.
What was extraordinary was that everyone not only liked him, but even people previously unsympathetic, cold, and callous, were enthusiastic over him, gave way to him in everything, treated his feeling with tenderness and delicacy, and shared his conviction that he was the happiest man in the world because his betrothed was beyond perfection.
As an instance in point, take the glowing passage: 'Ever dearest and best adored,--said Edward, clasping the dear head to his breast, and drawing the silken hair through his caressing fingers, from which he suffered it to fall like golden rain,--ever dearest and best adored, let us fly from the unsympathetic world and the sterile coldness of the stony-hearted, to the rich warm Paradise of Trust and Love.
But you've been confoundedly unsympathetic about this thing, Bunny, and I don't think I shall tell you my scheme till I've carried it out.
Clennam's looks expressed his heavy disappointment, perhaps his incredulity; for she added in the same unsympathetic tone: 'You don't believe it.
You said you'd like to ask something; but you haven't asked it,' remarked Venus, very unsympathetic in manner.
There was a terrible cutting truth in Tom's words,--that hard rind of truth which is discerned by unimaginative, unsympathetic minds.
Torbay Council's development management committee denied the application as they felt it was "too large and unsympathetic to the area".
Age Scotland told Holyrood's welfare committee: "The language adopted (in the application process) seems to be deeply unsympathetic, patronising and quite antagonistic, which is hardly satisfactory for someone who is likely to be emotionally affected by bereavement.