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Synonyms for unsymmetrical

lacking symmetry

having unsymmetrical parts or unequal dimensions or measurements


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Effects of symmetrical and unsymmetrical voltage sags on induction machines.
But at the same time at the time of symmetrical and unsymmetrical faults necessary tripping should be there and if power swing is unstable and persisting in system for more time then it is mandatory to do necessary tripping.
1988) stated that derivatives of unsymmetrical urea are known as pesticides and insecticides.
The newness of the Waku Waku Gate, which was created based on Honda's original idea, was expressed by its unsymmetrical design.
Firstly, an unsymmetrical cross-shaped pattern (UCSP) is used to search points around the initial point, as shown in Fig.
It is known that air viscosity causes the formation of vortex that leads to an unsymmetrical flow field in spanwise direction, even for a theoretical free planar jet.
Zaripova MA (2006) The Effect of Low Concentrations of Unsymmetrical Dimethylhydrazine by Reactive Oxygen Species in the Environment.
Parts with unequal flanges or unsymmetrical cutting operations after drawing operation are affected by unbalanced forces because of non-uniform deformation gradients.
While the power map shape defines the convergence rate of the conventional gradient-based ES, we also present in this article more sophisticated schemes like the Newton-based ES to alleviate the issue of unsymmetrical transients7.
It is evident that copolyester exhibits lower viscosity value because the presence of unsymmetrical bulky monomer with 3(trifluoromethyl)styrene pendant unit may tend to reduce the polymer chain length and hence inherent viscosity value decreases.
For example, I thought those adult bucks that have one unsymmetrical antler had suffered a broken shoulder or hip on the opposite side.
Boeck, "A 50 W unsymmetrical GaN Doherty amplifier for LTE applications," Proc.
With the unsymmetrical design values extended inductance profile (which is a function of the flux linkage for the injected current) is derived.
In her 2002 article "Loose Lips Sink Ships," in Feminist Studies, author Simone Weil Davis notes that there are no imperfections in porn labia, nor are there unsymmetrical, elongated or "discoloured" labia.
Jeong, "A highly efficient and linear inverted Doherty power amplifier with unsymmetrical delay path," Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Vol.