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Synonyms for unsymmetrical

lacking symmetry

having unsymmetrical parts or unequal dimensions or measurements


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P] this new model nicely predicts the unsymmetrical shape of the crystallization rate curve that is characteristic of the Hoffman-Lauritzen model.
Numerical simulation applied for unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine propellant gas dispersion based on CFD technology, Environmental Engineering and Management Journal 10: 971-974.
The dam is unsymmetrical double curvature type, 205 m high from the foundation.
The axis of the jets follows an arc of a circle and the deflection is due to the unsymmetrical mixing on each side of the jets.
For example, I thought those adult bucks that have one unsymmetrical antler had suffered a broken shoulder or hip on the opposite side.
This approach forms the basis for the elements of the so-called unsymmetrical training sets.
The in-roof solution allows module positioning in landscape or portrait and permits unsymmetrical placements to overcome obstacles on the roof such as chimney and roof windows.
The course was right-handed, overlooked by Penllyn Castle, and was the scene of tragedy in 1901 when jockey William Musson was killed in a fall from Unsymmetrical in the selling hurdle.
T/OE/CAP, the regressive BLE/AR/S, and other unsymmetrical examples DU/ALL/Y and LAIC/ALL/Y.
Pardon my OCD but is anyone else bothered by the unsymmetrical lighting display for Dubai Summer Surprises along Sheikh Zayed Road.
Also, it is caused by failures in HV networks or by unsymmetrical characteristics of the HV supply network.
He explains that construction workers from Kosovo who work on projects in Switzerland fail to grasp Swiss-style building and keep making "distorted, unsymmetrical constructions" peculiar to the eyes of Westerners when they return home.
The spacecraft's mass at launch was some 13 tonnes, most of which was the propellants unsymmetrical dimethylhydrazine (UDMH) and dinitrogen tetroxide (DTO).
The topics include unsymmetrical fault calculations, the short circuit of synchronous and induction machines, load flow methods, and harmonic mitigation and filters.