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Antonyms for unswept

not swept or having sweep


not having been swept

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Wet, unswept floors and inadequate ventilation should be avoided.
Preliminary data indicates the presence of unswept 'flank oil', which may be captured by future drilling operations.
Bhagyam EOR will allow for additional recovery of ~40-50 mm barrels of unswept oil still in-ground at the Bhagyam field.
setting Sasha down on unswept concrete is my last moment with her, not
As a result, many roads will go unrepaired, potholes unfixed and streets unswept.
Steve Foster today appealed to leaders of the council's ruling Conservative-Lib Dem coalition to sit down and negotiate a proper pay deal to avoid industrial action that could paralyse crematoria and cemeteries, leave bins unemptied, streets unswept, and benefits unpaid.
Crosby Warren-2 well was sidetracked to drain an unswept area of the field.
Although it looks pretty clean and litter-free here, one Chronicle reader had called it a gruesome spectacle of unswept greasy platforms covered with birds' droppings.
UNCUT grass two and three feet tall; unswept and filthy streets; no public loos for tourists on a tourist route.
It crashes into chair legs and leaves lots of corners unswept, but the unnamed test model is set to go on sale in two or three years for pounds 2,660.
He even resorted to taking a bin-bag full of litter from the unswept road to the town hall and threatened to spill it out in the hallowed halls.
She saw the cone of ashes, fragile and insistent and unswept.
I toured the other alleys in the area and all have unswept leaves, trash and discarded debris that should be cleaned up on a regular schedule.
This study is expected to: (a) identify unswept areas of the field for future infill drilling, (b) identify and confirm a number of directional development drilling opportunities, (c) identify shallower bypassed gas pay, and (d) identify low resistivity bypassed gas pay.
Customer Issue Risk perceptions 58% would expect Unswept chimneys Fire to be covered Neglected structural issues e.