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(of champagne) moderately dry


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Instead we have landed at an unsweet spot where S& P tells us, we are on the verge of falling, presumably like Lucifer, from the BRICS heaven.
A jockey's life is like an iceberg with only about a tenth showing above the surface; unseen to the rest of us are all those countless sparrow's-fart mornings riding work on the good, the bad and the ugly to educate, the starship mileage that spins the odometer like a fruit machine, the meals uneaten, the unsweet and sour sweat of the sauna, the kids seen only when sleeping, and the wives who know they've bought into the life but could do without hearing the strains of Strangers In The Night every time their man puts in a fleeting appearance.
The stanza achieves a peculiar unreadability: most "meaningful" to the speaker, it is an embarrassment to the reader, who is least able to sympathize with this unsweet moaning that stands in for emotion that, like the chilled vase of tears in section IV, strains but refuses to crack open.
Available in sweet, unsweet, lemon, ginseng/honey, raspberry, peach, and vanilla flavors, these teas are not only super-healthy, but taste better than any ready-to-drink rooibos tea we've tasted so far.
Since then they've developed a line of ten iced tea flavors: The Original Sweet Tea, Diet Original Sweet Tea, Organic Mint & Honey Green Tea, Diet Mint & Honey Green Tea, Peach Sweet Tea, Diet Peach Sweet Tea, Raspberry Sweet Tea, Lemon Lime Unsweet Tea, Organic Very Berry Hibiscus Tea, and Organic Half & Half Lemonade Tea.
Despite that, and ignoring two sweet/ unsweet gaffes, the staff did fine by us.
AHMET BRKOVIC unleashed another Balkan net-bulger to leave Craig Levein once again cursing Leicester's home unsweet home.
He said there are two types of winemakers today: "The one who wants super-ripe fruit to make what I call unsweet port, and the other, who simply wants to get rid of the undesirable characteristics.
All the rhetoric about diversity is still a lot of bullshit," she says, finishing her huge Whataburger unsweet iced tea.
Today, we think of corn mostly as a sweet vegetable, but--not to take away from sweet corn--many varieties of unsweet grain corn deserve much wider use in out gardens and kitchens than they receive.
Short and unsweet, it must be Pacino's worst ever performance.