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not furnishing support or assistance

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Unique biomechanical footbed technology helps reduce excessive pronation (walking with most of your weight on the inside edge of your foot), maintain a good, natural alignment and in turn, reduce foot and knee pain and strain on other areas of the body associated with walking badly and unsupportive footwear (backed up by Birmingham Gait Lab research).
Focusing on England and New Zealand, this volume considers the realities of adult educators' practice in the context of the current unsupportive political and economic climate, the challenges they face, and theories and strategies to help the field become better recognized and incorporate social justice and equality, as well as political awareness.
Topics are expected to include: changes in the business environment, identifying and overcoming key problems, such as limited access to information, lack of financial resources and trainings, unsupportive policy and regulatory frameworks.
Although for women there were no similar links between bone health and being married or in a marriage-like relationship, the study authors did find evidence that women with supportive partners had greater bone strength than those whose partners didn't appreciate them, understand how they fell, or were emotionally unsupportive in other ways.
He writes of the "haunting dark spot in our histories" that AIDS deaths cause in unsupportive families.
Mike's not pleased with the idea, but doesn't want to seem unsupportive.
Interestingly, members of the hierarchy appear in sometimes supportive, sometimes unsupportive roles that echo the varying relationships communities of women religious have with their male counterparts today.
To find out the quality of the editorial contents of both the newspapers regarding War on Terror, the editorials were analyzed in terms of slant for supportive, unsupportive and neutral approaches to the policies of their respective Governments on the issue.
A recent report released unsupportive comments by German Finance Minister (Wolfgang Schaeuble) over Greece and the market is concerned that the Greek debt issue will rekindle again," Sakai said.
The survey revealed that nearly 37% of respondents found their local councils unsupportive, almost twice the number that ranked local authorities as unsupportive in the 2010 NDNA survey, at 19%.
For his part, Russian diplomat Vladimir Zheglov described the decision as unilateral and unsupportive of a peaceful solution.
Gay and transgender youth with unsupportive and hostile families also encounter barriers throughout the application process that hinder their chances of receiving a college education.
If this failed to galvanise them into action, the NPA would consider escalating its campaign by taking out full-page ads in the consumer press, naming and shaming unsupportive retailers.
Decrying the inability to make significant progress toward addressing environmental degradation and climate change under the current political and economic system, and in opposition to elements of economic orthodoxy which he deems unsupportive of these goals, Hahnel (economics, Portland State U.