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Synonyms for unsuited

not suited to a given purpose

Synonyms for unsuited

not easy to combine harmoniously

References in classic literature ?
As he was so communicative, I felt that reserve on my part would be a bad return unsuited to our years.
I may not change the faith of my fathers like a garment unsuited to the climate in which I seek to dwell, and unhappy, lady, I will not be.
Crawford, and said, "It is not merely in temper that I consider him as totally unsuited to myself; though, in that respect, I think the difference between us too great, infinitely too great: his spirits often oppress me; but there is something in him which I object to still more.
We wish to converse on high topics unsuited for your ear.
There is no lack of comfortable furnished apartments in Portsmouth, and no difficulty in finding some that are proportionate to very slender finances; but the former were too good, and the latter too bad, and they went into so many houses, and came out unsuited, that Nicholas seriously began to think he should be obliged to ask permission to spend the night in the theatre, after all.
This city, which is absolutely unsuited to the poet-author of 'Zarathustra', and for the choice of which I was not responsible, made me inordinately miserable.
This definition is framed for the purposes of biology, and is in some respects unsuited to the needs of psychology.
Gentlemen, he was a most excellent man, a most gentle, tender, and estimable man, with the simplicity of a child; but would he, though unsuited for most other places, do for that place?
They will take the place of the old polluting vehicles, which had no air conditioning and were unsuited to the needs of elderly or disabled passengers in Georgia's capital.
Looking for Alaska," by John Green; reasons: offensive language, sexually explicit and unsuited for age group.
Roger Jenkins of the GMB said: "If Showsec continues to show such disregard for unions it has proven itself unsuited to the task and Labour must immediately put an alternative in place to avoid the conference being scuppered.
Sir Mark Prescott's three-year-old disappointed in fifth, but appeared unsuited by the muddling pace and looks capable of better off a low mark.
Offensive language, sexually explicit, and unsuited for age group.
I have long wondered why this 'legacy' of the Americans remains our 'national sport' when it is totally unsuited vis-a-vis the average physical height of Filipino males.
Firstly they thought that Ed Miliband was totally unsuited to become Prime Minister.