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Synonyms for unsuccessfulness

the condition of not achieving the desired end

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The unsuccessfulness of the display in achieving these purposes was due to the fact that the display's guidance information is provided in a digital format which is very sensitive, and also tracking a number for guidance is nearly impossible.
Referring to the western countries' interference in the internal affairs of Yemen, Iraq, Pakistan and Iran, he reiterated, "The US can do nothing against the Iranian nation but doesn't understand this and the reason for its unsuccessfulness is the beliefs of the Iranian nation.
Some of these staff members verbalised feelings of frustration, unmotivatedness, apathy, tiredness and unsuccessfulness.
increased negative affect; decreased positive affect; and increased self-ratings of unpleasantness, unsuccessfulness, and ineffectiveness).
In the financial literature, there are non-distinct terms including distress, failure, commercial unit's unsuccessfulness, bankruptcy, insolvency, and so forth.