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Synonyms for unsuccess

the condition of not achieving the desired end

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Supporters will be asked to pledge 10% of their investment into this account which would be returned if the bid was unsuccess ful.
Trainers have been fail in unsuccess when they can not connect with their players (E.
Follow, poet, follow right To the bottom of the night, With your unconstraining voice Still persuade us to rejoice; With the farming of a verse Make a vineyard of the curse, Sing of human unsuccess In a rapture of distress; In the deserts of the heart Let the healing fountain start, In the prison of his days Teach the free man how to praise.
Zanotti E, Rubini F, Iotti G, Braschi A, Palo A, Bruschi C, Fracchia C, Nava S (1995) Elevated static compliance of the total respiratory system: early predictor of weaning unsuccess in severed COPD patients mechanically ventilated.
When Rodolphe and Marcel send invitations to their Christmas Eve party, there was quite a reaction: "In two days' rime copies of this epistle were circulated freely in the lowest circles of literary and artistic unsuccess, where they made a profound sensation" (77).
These young writers received a gift that few of their routinely unpublished peers will ever claim: they were offered encouragement to continue writing and developing before time and unsuccess left them too discouraged to go on.
To what students attribute their academic success and unsuccess.
Braff concentrated on theatre after an unsuccess TV show.
They stand before us like tribal gods meting out success and unsuccess, all that we lift our eyes to.
the state of New York argued unsuccess fully that "[p]rice security .
When the intervention strategies are unsuccess ful, child protective services may need to be notified, and the social worker should assist the agency and the family in the best interests of the child.
Insertion of two pairs of electrodes for simultaneous recording from different muscle groups was attempted on several occasions, but these attempts were unsuccess ful because dissections revealed that at least one pair of electrodes was not in target muscle fibers or the two sets of electrodes interfered with swimming.
If an individual was unsuccess ful at completing metamorphosis, its developmental stage and mass at the end of the observation period was recorded.
There is no cause to think that our efforts are doomed to be disappointed--the decline in welfare rolls and the greater use of imprisonment that has clearly cut crime both stem in part from moral and cultural battles that conservatives waged, with apparent unsuccess, over many years.