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Synonyms for unsubstantiated

Synonyms for unsubstantiated

unsupported by other evidence

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Garin, in a statement, denied Cruz's allegations, saying these were questionable and unsubstantiated.
ISRI strongly supports and applauds the passage of this resolution, which will undoubtedly raise awareness among state legislators around the unsubstantiated nature of current claims made in the debate over recycled rubber," said ISRI President Robin Wiener.
Grassley then sought details from the FBI on reports that it offered to pay Steele in connection with the unsubstantiated dossier.
But The Journal also uses the words 'appalling' and 'disgrace' in the editorial, which means it has concerns about this unsubstantiated story.
A fortnight ago, Mudenda warned legislators who made unsubstantiated remarks against fellow MPs, Parliament officials and members of the public that they risked contempt of Parliament charges.
The Editors Guild of India notes with concern the growing attacks and unsubstantiated charges levelled against the media by political leaders and public figures dissatisfied with the coverage of their activities or with criticism from the media," Ravi was stated in a statement issued.
Common sense forces us to conclude that multiple reports of alleged maltreatment, even though all unsubstantiated, indicate that where there's smoke there may be fire.
But Adrian Keeling, defending, asked Mumtaz why he had made 29 unsubstantiated complaints about the police in a two-and-half-year period from June 2007, which he said was more than one a month.
UEFA said yesterday the claims are unsubstantiated and called for proof to be produced by tomorrow.
The publishers of Harry Potter, Bloomsbury, have hit back at plagiarism claims, branding the allegations "unfounded, unsubstantiated and untrue".
An investigation by the IPCC has since found that the arrest was lawful and allegations of excessive force by police officers were unsubstantiated.
Citing scientific evidence to the contrary, Pearsall dismisses these and other platitudes as "McMorals"--mass-produced advice unsubstantiated by research from self-styled gurus who attempt to package fast fixes to serious problems that affect people in uniquely complex ways.
This research brief, the ninth in a series of National Survey of Child and Adolescent Well-Being (NSCAW) briefs focused on children who have come in contact with the child welfare system, examines the well-being of children in substantiated and unsubstantiated maltreatment cases.
Flash-forward seven years, and we have Rollyson quoting the poet Edward Field for unsubstantiated gossip about Ms.
However, the majority of voters did not buy into the unsubstantiated claims.