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Synonyms for unstylish

lacking in style or elegance


not in accord with or not following current fashion

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As a result, nearly 59 per cent of women admitted that they felt forced to intervene and style their man because their partners' dress sense was either outdated and ageing (18 per cent), unstylish and ill-fitting (31 per cent) or just plain embarrassing (19 per cent).
It is way too big around the other buildings and in my view, ugly and unstylish.
It's very important to ensure that you don't wear the hat sitting back on your head, as this can look extremely unflattering and unstylish.
There is nothing more unstylish than not being able to dance until the early morning".
In an interview with our sister publication, WM magazine, out now, Celyn said: "I think I'm the most unstylish person I know, I'm a jeans and T-shirt girl.
Butterworth, Editorial, Case Reports: Unstylish but Still Useful Sources of Clinical Information, 34 REGIONAL ANESTHESIA & PAIN MED.
She is heavy bottomed, full bosomed, her collar buttoned high, her hair in an unstylish grandmotherly pile on her head.
It's important, however, to stick to a few design principles such as rhythm, balance, proportion, scale, colour, texture and form if a garden is not to end in an unstylish mish mash.
Clingy (though nowhere near as much as Mrs Brown), it's deeply unflattering and unstylish.
In "This Walker Doesn't Match My Drapes," frustrated mom Amy Armstrong builds a bonfire with "regular" books on how to raise a toddler and later comes to accept Larking disability--and the unstylish walking device crowding her living room.
Thrumming away inside this book about style is a most unstylish idea, but an idea that is also one of the most durable, encouraging, and commonsensical notions ever to inspire a student or fire the mind of a writer: the belief that careful, clear thinking and writing can uncover the truth.
Not only did the bride and groom lead the fashion faus pas party by showing up for their reception function in their most hideously unstylish outfits -- the bride dripped gold and glitter, and the groom came flaunting diamonds -- the guests too seemed to follow the theme of bad dressing.
So transform your home into a cool, festive sanctuary and avoid that seasonal sin - an unstylish, garish grotto-look - by following savvy advice from the experts.
I guess I've created a weird link between stylish and stupid, smart and unstylish.