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not bearing a stress or accent

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The rats were equally divided into two groups: Unstressed animals and UCMS animals.
In the same Al stress condition, the transgenic line expressed both genes even higher than that in the wild type and unstressed transgenic lain (Fig.
All analyzed plays are composed mostly as metrical texts: iambic pentameter, a ten- (or eleven-) syllable line where predominantly unstressed and predominantly stressed syllables alternate.
Although both classification of reduction cause vowel neutralization in unstressed syllables, they do differ in some characteristics.
Scientists evaluated the ability of hops beta acids to control unstressed and acid-stress- adapted L.
Table 2 also includes other pronunciations of the letters, in unstressed positions, for later reference.
With the exception of a few monosyllabic words that may be unstressed in the sentence, a word has at least one stressed syllable.
If undertaken the following are unstressed words and lines: the word "was" in the opening line; "when" in the third line; "was" in the last line of the opening verse; "was" in the second verse.
1~000 m2 - Reinforcement: about 13,300 kg - Delivering and introducing reinforced concrete: 170 m3 - PBD-seals and sealing surface: approx 1~400 m2 - Drilling, unstressed anchors: 240 m
From this Ciardi moves on to define the "fundamental basis of all metrical acceleration": "the more unstressed syllables are brought together between accents, the faster the line will tend to move" (927).
The spores of the fungi are often present in the environment and healthy unstressed birds are generally resistant to even high levels of spores -- however, young and old birds as well as birds on antibiotics, and those whose immune systems are suppressed by surgery, reproduction and other stresses can become infected.
Stress prompted chocolate lovers in an experiment to exert three times as much effort to smell chocolate than unstressed chocolate lovers, but both groups reported about the same level of enjoyment when they got a whiff of the pleasing aroma, according to the study, published in APA's Journal of Experimental Psychology: Animal Learning and Cognition.
It is at its best when cruising on main or motorways and then it really is surprisingly quiet and unstressed, as well as economical.
An injection of serotonin, a mood-regulating chemical messenger, induced anxious behavior in unstressed crayfish.
Parts of the thesis examine the dialect evidence of the names, where it was found that the distribution patterns for /o/ before nasals and <u> for vowels in unstressed positions (rather than the more common <e>) were different in the Gloucestershire PTRs to the patterns Kristensson (1987) found in the 1290-1350 data.