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not bearing a stress or accent

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In terms of their segmental composition, Q1, Q2 and Q3 feet may be identical, yet may exhibit differences in the duration ratios between stressed and unstressed syllables.
The last four chapters of the book are devoted to practical considerations in the flexural strengthening of beams with unstressed and prestressed FRP plates, durability of externally bonded FRP composite systems, quality assurance and control, maintenance, repair, and case studies.
Others object to some of Wallace's smaller points, like his insistence that spondees exist (Susanne Woods believes that any two syllables aligned will tend to vary in stress), or his insistence that pyrrhic feet do not exist (both Annie Finch and Rachel Hadas observe that pyrrhics - feet of two unstressed syllables - do occur, whatever we want to call them).
The physicians also injected the drug into mice that had been forced to swim for two 4-minute intervals and into unstressed mice.
New problems have been encountered (words of high frequency traditionally regarded as both adverbs and prepositions; indefinite pronouns; nouns and adjectives formed with a stressed prefix whose corresponding verb, with an unstressed prefix, is found in another letter of the alphabet) and addressed in enormous detail.
1 *mai, 2 *tai [right arrow] *mai-n, *dai-n (with voicing of *t in unstressed position and dat.
However, "her may simply be the unstressed reflex ([""], [""]) of O[ld] E[nglish] heo 'she' plus the r which is often attached to final unstressed [""]" in rhotic dialect areas (Wakelin 1972: 164; on she/(h)er see Black 1999).
An unstressed low revving engine should last longer.
It feels remarkably unstressed despite an ability to average high speeds over long distances.
The 'ing' will sound quite long and loud because although unstressed it tends to sound much stronger than its equivalent in standard English.
It's great that we all run a business together but boy do we row,' she laughs, clearly unstressed about it.
Stress scale: 0: Utterly unstressed 1: Relaxed but alert 2: Nicely involved 3: Slightly edgy 4: Somewhat nervy 5: Getting frustrated 6: Irritated and anxious 7: Angry and fearful 8: Incredibly uptight 9: Tearing hair out 10: Stressed to the max
I pass the Great War Memorial Perched on the verdant Cathedral Green Descending the steep Dean's Steps To the sound of mellifluous bells From the picturesque Llandaff Cathedral, Its spire set against a Saharan Sky, Summer weather wearing its Sunday best Like the worshippers today so unstressed.
WHAT metrical foot in verse consists of an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable?