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Antonyms for unstoppable

not capable of being stopped


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I love hearing from people who saw the movie and now are inspired to put Christ back in Christmas," said Cameron, known for his role in the sitcom GROWING PAINS and his record-breaking documentaries MONUMENTAL and UNSTOPPABLE .
According to the Daily Star, the ad showed the power of self-confidence and designed the idea to take part in the golden age of international football with Elba saying that he chose the song as he loved the idea of being unstoppable as it is 'self-belief'.
Attendees will also have the opportunity to win door prizes, network with like-minded, local business owners and to contribute further to the Unstoppable Foundation.
To celebrate the release of the new album and Joe's upcoming concert at the Phil, we're giving away two pairs of VIP tickets to two lucky readers, plus six runners up will win a pair of tickets to the concert and a copy of Joe's new Unstoppable Momentum album.
When Luis plays like that he's unstoppable," the midfielder told the club Web site.
Unstoppable is a cinematic rush of blood to the head inspired by true events - think Speed on two rails.
The pair reunite for Unstoppable - a cinematic rush of blood to the head inspired by true events, which follows the exploits of two brave men to stop a runaway locomotive before it derails, potentially killing thousands of innocent civilians.
I watched Unstoppable almost back-to-back with Saw 3D, so I know coherent drama isn't something we can take for granted.
CRISTIANO Ronaldo says that Didier Drogba is not unstoppable and that beating Ivory Coast in the opening Group G game on Tuesday is the key to getting through the 'Group of Death'.
A group of vaccination experts concluded after a recent meeting that "the H1N1 pandemic is unstoppable and therefore all countries would need to have access to vaccines," said Marie-Paul Kieny, WHO director for vaccine research.
The attack by McMahon was very forceful and it was unstoppable.
Unstoppable features more than 30 in-depth interviews with CEOs from firms such as American Express Co.
Closing another high-profile deal in the richest zip code in the country, the unstoppable team of Faith Hope Consolo, chairman, and Joseph A.
Each year is warmer than the year before: These are just a few of the signs that the Earth is undergoing a rapid and perhaps unstoppable climate change precipitated by human activities, writes Kolbert.
The spell's power to attract tedious, rambling, unstoppable chitchat was quadrupled when it detected that its victim was in an escape-proof situation, such as a moving vehicle of any kind.