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Synonyms for unsteady

Synonyms for unsteady

Synonyms for unsteady

subject to change or variation

not firmly or solidly positioned


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Waule has been telling uncle that Fred is very unsteady.
The room seemed wheeling round with her, the floor unsteady beneath her feet.
Hunger hurt her, and hurt her meagre breasts that should have been full for the seven feeble and mewing little ones, replicas of her save that their eyes were not yet open and that they were grotesquely unsteady on their soft, young legs.
Blended with its borders, the gravel walk seemed unsteady and insecure to step on.
As he took his timepiece and reattached it to the guard I observed that his hands were unsteady.
Mawkish and over-mellow becometh the fruit in their hands: unsteady, and withered at the top, doth their look make the fruit-tree.
In a moment he spoke again, still in the low, unsteady voice.
Then, getting on his unsteady legs, leaning heavily upon her, and growling, 'Hold still, can't you?
In condensing mode droplet heats up to dew point temperature and in unsteady evaporation mode droplets dispersity is defined.
She had home help who called in four times a day but she could be unsteady on her feet which was a concern to us as a family," he said.
There's an incline to the drive and she's been unsteady on her feet.
It mainly includes customs receipts making it so unsteady, the Finance Minister explained.
1887 Feb 17: Light a little unsteady, at times brightening up to about 14.