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Synonyms for unsteady

Synonyms for unsteady

Synonyms for unsteady

subject to change or variation

not firmly or solidly positioned


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To make the present results most useful, both steady and unsteady calculations will be made.
The velocity, temperature, and concentration profiles for the hydromagnetic flow in a thin film over an unsteady stretching sheet with thermocapillary are presented graphically in Figures 2-7.
Peculiarities of convective heating was highlight by modeling a water droplets of 278 K temperature at unsteady phase transformation mode in 500 K temperature humid gas flow ([[bar.
Keywords: Jeffery fluid, Unsteady flow, heat transfer analysis, bidirectional stretching, HAM.
My research team at Imperial College London is developing a new generation of simulation tools for the efficient and accurate simulation of unsteady vortex-dominated flows.
She had home help who called in four times a day but she could be unsteady on her feet which was a concern to us as a family," he said.
There's an incline to the drive and she's been unsteady on her feet.
It mainly includes customs receipts making it so unsteady, the Finance Minister explained.
They examined how bumblebees' flight performance differs in unsteady versus smooth flow, as well as how the orientation of unsteady flow structures affects their flight performance.
1871 Mar 24: The light of U more unsteady than that of l.
These would be made into a cocktail, but the liquid would not make drinkers unsteady or lose concentration as they affect only the part of the brain that controls mood.
Unsteady eddie has millions of caricature jack-the-lad sons.
The exact solutions are constructed for steady and unsteady equations by employing inverse method.