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in an unsteady manner

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He rose unsteadily, and tried to make his way across the slippery mosaic of the floor; but she had comprehended that savage and cruel grief; she felt that in the flight of Raoul there was an accusation of herself.
Let's sit down and talk it over," she said rather unsteadily.
It was his grimmest deed since the days when he had brought Barbecue to heel; and knowing as we do how vain a tabernacle is man, could we be surprised had he now paced the deck unsteadily, bellied out by the winds of his success?
His face lightened instantly and with strength that he himself did not know he possessed he rose slowly to his feet, albeit somewhat unsteadily.
My friends," he said unsteadily, "let me explain to you, as shortly as I can, what an uncertain position is that of a great financier.
Wingrave laughed a little unsteadily as he rose to his feet.
They swaggered unsteadily but belligerently toward the bar and looked at Pete with bleared and blinking eyes.
Carter Druse grew pale; he shook in every limb, turned faint, and saw the statuesque group before him as black figures, rising, falling, moving unsteadily in arcs of circles in a fiery sky.
It was just this way: while I looked at him, SO"--regarding me rather unsteadily and with evident complexity of vision--"he was all right; but when I looked away, SO"--taking a long pull at the bottle--"he defied me.
He put back the goblet of wine on the table near him so unsteadily that he spilled the greater part of it.
He rose and walked unsteadily from the chair to the foot of his bed.
And he started up, and left the room - walking rather unsteadily, for the liquor had got into his head.
I am a priest," he cried unsteadily, "and a priest should be no shedder of blood.
The man with the green eyes was the first to descend the ladder, and I noticed that he came somewhat unsteadily.
He rises unsteadily from the bed, lays the pipe upon the hearth- stone, draws back the ragged curtain, and looks with repugnance at his three companions.