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not statesmanlike

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In spite of all the cussing and unstatesmanlike demeanor, I will continue to support him and his programs because obviously he is not the 'more of the same' type of leader.
7) OPQ added that it was unfair for the Archbishop of Dublin and others to criticise transportation when 'the sole fault exists in the perverse and unstatesmanlike conduct observed in the administration of penal discipline'.
Unfortunately, with its first mandate of governing and especially in 2006 DPMNE set high criteria for political calculation and unstatesmanlike attitude," says Georgiev.
Bush's snub is not only unstatesmanlike, it's also bad politics.
If this seemed unstatesmanlike, beer ads have never been the province of statesmen.
F]orceful criticism of unstatesmanlike decisions such as this one--and of the Florida court's hubristic, judicial imperialism--is a vital antidote to the tendency of judges of all political stripes to aggrandize their own power.
Though Watson suspects that a modern-style referendum might have backed most Scots' acceptance of English rule, the ferocity of Edward's treatment of Wallace proved to be the most prejudicial and unstatesmanlike of his acts.
In a harshly worded article for a Scottish newspaper, Sir Malcolm suggested it was making the Tory leader look unstatesmanlike.
Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella, who once recommended that the public use its 'creative imagination' when parsing the President's often intemperate statements, was reduced to explaining his principal's unstatesmanlike remarks against longstanding allies and partners as a symbolic expression.
And fewer more juvenile and unstatesmanlike ways of going about it than accusing those who believe the path to be the wrong one of being "terrorist sympathisers".
Instead we were treated to the unstatesmanlike presence of his deputy, John Prescott, patently baffled by military procedure.