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It's about time that someone shed some light on an unstated public policy dating back to the 1960s, when the development of Morgan State University was strictly limited (under a formal policy of "non-duplication of programs"), while other area schools, i.
What follows from there is left unstated -- that the councils themselves are faring little better.
The unstated stereotype here is that gay men are in fact "feminine" in a way that other men are not: hence their attraction to dance.
With Jerome now departed to Birmingham, Ninian Park has become an ego-free zone, with former Leeds star McPhail becoming one of the club's most unstated, yet effective performers.
Indian registration : unrecognized and unstated paternity.
As with the film, the plot revolves around Edward, a child who, for reasons unstated, is created by a master tailor, to tackle the slings and arrows of outrageous modern life with scissors for hands.
The underlying question was unstated, but everywhere: Has the Venice Biennale (the "mother of all biennials" according to symposium literature) become obsolete?
The fine Orchestre Metropolitain was identified as "musicians from" for contractual reasons better left unstated.
Identify any unstated assumptions you are making and determine whether they are justifiable.
He wasn't playing by the unstated, in-house rules: Come up with a story that has appeared in some form in the paper already, otherwise the bosses don't think the idea has any merit, and propose that the writer be someone who already has written for the magazine, otherwise the bosses won't think the writer is up to the task.
Leadership is an unstated, undesignated, lead-by-example, generally non-verbal process.
It would be years until the next election day and longer still until the candidate's career would peak, but deep down in every political hack's heart lies the unstated hope that this will be the horse to go all the way--and that you will have been there when he got it all started.
A fourth assumption is implied but left unstated by a title that highlights the book's attention to the social practice of slave commerce but obscures its almost exclusive focus on the evidence of literary texts: Gould's stance is that of a cultural historian for whom the most interesting literature is that which illuminates a particular aspect of a society's outlooks and prejudices.
Your organization may already have a communication policy, albeit unstated, as seen in your overall behavior and attitude toward your constituencies.