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The unstated factor is that the book is by and about one subset of pop culture, images of women who offer an appealing glow within a very old-fashioned view of English lit: wealthy, well-bred, Anglican, fashionable, and transgressive within safe containers of middle-class literature and satire.
There are two unstated assumptions at the heart of this argument.
The government said it would "as much as possible" grant legal status to villages in the Negev desert that are currently unrecognised by the authorities and where some Bedouin live, if they met unstated minimum population criteria.
Though firing seems too harsh a punishment for this transgression, it's impossible for me, an outsider, to determine if you were in fact fired because of your resume or for other unstated reasons.
It's an unstated understanding in the Congress circles that a member of the Nehru-Gandhi family will head the government only if the party secures a simple majority in the Lok Sabha or at least 200-plus seats.
More than 50,000 children were identified as either deprived of status or granted only partial status under the paternity policy between 1985 and 1999, according to the 2005 study Indian Registration, Unrecognized and Unstated Paternity funded by Status of Women Canada.
Due to the NCUA's unstated too big to fail policy, shares in corporates were guaranteed, and the four failures were put on business life support.
Therefore, ISIS said, the Big Six should not accept Abbasi-Davani's offer to halt 20 percent enrichment at some unstated point in the future but "should reject anything less than an immediate freeze.
It would appear that the appetite for Dickens is unstated and now his life and work is brought to children too thanks to the loving portrait of an incredible man drawn in this accessible and interesting book.
Anyway, the real, unstated takeaway is that if Asian-Americans really want to be the new Jews, they need to fix, and stat, their chronic underrepresentation among the ranks of both voters and elected officials.
The reasons were unstated, but a press release from the union listed various complaints, including health insurance and other pay-related matters.
And talk about a hidden tax: PSNH includes an unstated tax in most--if not all--electric bills, the money from which goes to low-income households.
QSR is seeking damages in an unstated amount together with punitive damages and/or attorneys fees to the extent allowed by law.
60 per share in PositiveID common stock, subject to due diligence and other unstated conditions.
Kiewit contends that the agency unreasonably rejected its proposal as technically unacceptable based on unstated evaluation criteria.