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The remaining four doors were constructed from hickory, red oak, maple, and cherry, and were all unstained.
We found the unfinished frames at an art supply store for about $8 each, and 3-foot unstained bamboo stakes--the screen required 120 of them--at a nursery for about 15 cents apiece.
Creole actors on Radio Soleil, which played an important role in the ouster of Duvalier, left no doubt about what the colors of the ballot represented, telling its listeners: "The color white is the color of an unstained Virgin Mary.
com signature hardwood back scratchers are made from natural, unstained hardwoods and are hand cut, hand assembled, and hand finished.
For NGS requests on CNB samples, if the sample meets the 20% or greater tumor fraction criteria, 10 to 15 unstained sections are sent for tissue extraction and molecular testing (Figure 1).
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Unstained Proein Standard, Broad Range, Small Size, Color Prestained, Standard Protein Ladder Quantity: 4 X 0.
SMUG Sepp Blatter yesterday came up smelling of roses, emerging unstained from the stench of corruption surrounding Fifa as he was re-elected president.
Kaneria said: "My cricketing career is completely unstained and I'm surprised at such allegations.
When buying fresh blueberries, select firm, plump and unblemished berries in dry unstained containers.
After the Birmingham Mail contacted Berketex Brides they agreed to refund the full price of Katie's dress and give her an unstained dress free of charge.
The name of Tom Hopkins may not be writ as large in the political history books as that of Kinnock, but he went proudly to his grave with his character unstained by the merest whiff of hypocrisy.
The pavements were fresh and unstained and the canal itself was relatively free of debris and the whole development demonstrated the sparkle sought by the judges.
The selection of stained and unstained trees was based on presence or absence of stain on the cut end of felled trees.
It has previously been demonstrated that the addition of mono-intercalators can improve the efficiency and resolution in CE compared with unstained DNAs (24), but addition of bis-intercalators can degrade separation efficiency because of various binding motifs (25, 26).