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not performed on the stage


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Outcomes of interest included the odds of being diagnosed with unstaged and late-stage disease, the odds of receiving first-course treatment, and overall survival following a diagnosis of BC.
Clips from LOLwork (which Huh swears is an unstaged slice of office life) show staffers riding a Segway, strumming a ukulele, and doing tricks with their tongues and eyeballs.
6% (17 of 29) of the resections had concordant pT stages with initial biopsies (pTa, n = 14; pT1, n = 3), with 4 biopsies unstaged owing to a lack of subepithelial tissue or severely fragmented/disrupted tissue precluding assessment of invasion through the basement membrane.
This included observations on staged and unstaged male-female and male-male encounters.
There is never a mention of unconstructed, unprovided, unstaged "opportunities"--which are not opportunities, but life--for people to tell their stories.
A: Everyone has a definition, but I would say it's the candid life on the streets, unstaged.
For example the purchaser of the rights to the then unstaged melodrama Life's Battle announced in the first week of May 1891 that the tour would begin in early August, as indeed it did, at the Pavilion Theatre, Lytham.
It groups cancer cases into five main categories: 1) in situ, 2) local, 3) regional, 4) distant, and 5) unstaged.
Widely regarded as one of the best regional theaters in the country, the festival announced late Sunday that all performances in the Bowmer will be canceled at least through Sunday; the festival offered ticketholders not only full refunds but also free admission to unstaged versions of the plays presented by cast members in street clothes at a nearby armory.
Its existence was designed to draw the audience's attention away from the manipulations of the creator and the distortions of the medium, to lull viewers into believing themselves witnesses to an unrehearsed and unstaged confrontation with the raw grit of a previously hidden world (193).
8 Malignant Serous 5 2 23 carcinoma Endometrioid 7 2 4 carcinoma Mucinous 5 2 carcinoma Clear cell 3 2 1 carcinoma Mixed 3 1 carcinoma Transitional 1 cell carcinoma Adenocarcinoma 3 (unspecified) Borderline 9 Benign Healthy Total 33 6 34 Participant Malignant FIGO Unstaged Total stage IV Age, years Median 69.
On the other hand, unstaged images sometimes undermined the process of manipulation in which these films were engaged, since the distortion imposed upon newsreels became noticeable (see Kracauer 306-07).
Communities with staged model units have experienced higher closing ratios in securing leases when compared to unstaged properties, says Rosey Miller, RIM President and CEO, whose portfolio uses CORT furniture.