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We are a beautiful, unspoiled and remote community in the bosom of Barkley Sound.
Marvel at the unspoiled sandy beaches of our heritage coastlines, see fields which turn the landscape into a haze of rich colour, experience the beauty of our British gardens at their best, shaped by our ancestors with a unique love of this magnificent land.
It's unspoiled, of course, because it hasn't begun yet and no one has had the chance to inflict any damage on it (just give them a few minutes).
DISCOVER the unique charm and unspoiled beauty of the Isles of Scilly with Prestige Holidays.
The international real estate buyer is researching many countries for potential recreational homes, and the value and unspoiled beauty of Canmore is undeniable.
Campbell still has support from the Bald Hills community, where the landscape remains unspoiled.
The Arctic is thought of as the last unspoiled place on the planet; but mankind's influence is touching even this pristine wilderness and SILENT SNOW: THE SLOW POISONING OF THE ARCTIC comes from a top national environmental journalist who documents the degradation.
264)--are pivotal to the preservation of unspoiled underwater communities and to the recovery of heavily overfished or disturbed ones, notes marine ecologist Jane Lubchenco of Oregon State University in Corvallis.
enclave of 14 luxury Colonial Country Farm Estates that will be built on 34 unspoiled acres in Tarrytown.
This is a place where black-necked cranes return to a young king's domain which is under threat, and a band of foreign outlaws lurk, and a mysterious monastery high on a cliff holds what might be the answer to protecting one of Earth's last unspoiled places and the cranes that depend upon it for their very survival.
The high quality of beaches in the area, and the unspoiled feel, is partly due to the fact many of them are situated in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, which protects them from garish developments.
Kitschy, I know, but the unspoiled landscape of the Hawk & Ivy Bed and Breakfast inspires me with romantic imaginings--an inclination not missed by owners Eve and James Davis.
The Cap Cana complex boasts 25 million square meters of land and eight kilometers of unspoiled beach.
Environmental groups fear that drilling may destroy one of the last unspoiled habitats in the United States.
Unspoiled homes and other property are declared ``blighted'' so they can be condemned and turned into car dealerships or supermarkets that will produce more tax revenue.