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not specialized or modified for a particular purpose or function

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It would be a useful, broad-based reference for dietitians working in an unspecialised practice.
As they are trailer-mounted, they can be positioned by an unspecialised vehicle, avoiding any need to have a vehicle on permanent stand-by.
Yet the cultivation of such wisdom seems curiously lacking in many of our degree programmes--partly because there is so little space on the curriculum to consider simple unspecialised questions (like 'what are universities for?
We need unspecialised cells to multiply, and become specialised, replacing damaged tissue with brand new healthy cells.
The first is through the signal function, which "acts as a warning system with sensors that though unspecialised, are sensitive throughout society" (1996b: 359).
This notion of guidance is less likely to be found in more unspecialised, egalitarian societies with no inte llectual elite, in which knowledge is more equally distributed (of which traditional Mazahua communities could be considered as an example).
Only when all systems are `go' does FLF switch off, setting in train the genetic programs that will transform fast-dividing, unspecialised meristem cells at the apex of the plant shoot -- or shoots -- into the intricate structures of flowers.
The excavations revealed a low density of stone artefacts in all but the earth mound site (HI6), which contained only unspecialised flakes manufactured from a locally occurring porcellanite.
Furthermore, even when there does exist an unspecialised equilibrium, as in Figures 2 and 3, it is a very easy matter to find parameter values for which such an equilibrium can be destroyed--simply perturb K or L such that the point (K, L - L) moves out of the analogue of the Chipman-McKenzie cone of diversification.
There is a risk that these unspecialised cells may also form a type of benign tumour known as a teratoma.
Some media outlets hosted unspecialised people to talk to the public on the crime of sexual harassment, for example, groups that call on men to control women's clothing or to punish them based on their physical appearance," the statement said.
Some of the problems with trying to gather this kind of data are that women often see unspecialised doctors who do not report the cancers, and women often move back to their country of origin so they are lost to follow-up.
Bahaa says that he and his colleagues are planning to demonstrate outside the Central Post Office on March 7, objecting to the fact that there are unspecialised people working in the Postal Authority.
14) But wherever painted pottery makes its appearance, its presence announces a new age of humankind and a new aesthetic, an art of the unspecialised labour of the farmer/potter, nature remade according to the intention of the maker, its decorative meaning manifest to the entire community in designs that represent the foundations of abstract communication, a unity of knowledge and art.
In addition, decreasing the number of normal stem cells - unspecialised cells that can give rise to any type of cell in that organ - can decrease the risk of cancer.