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Millet, the tender but unsparing chronicler of harsh peasant lives.
TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior official at the Iranian science ministry said unsparing efforts of the country's universities and academic centers has turned the country into the most important source of science.
It's a highly-charged, emotional and unsparing account of the last hours of Jesus.
The later journals chronicling his battle with AIDS turn understandably raging and morbid, his youthful hope hardening into unsparing resignation.
Adapted from Neal Gabler's celebrated book, ``Winchell'' will take an unsparing look at the man who wielded incredible power from his syndicated newspaper column for some two decades.
Afther decades of unsparing efforts, Iran can currently manufacture various kinds of compressors, pipes, valves, and pressure storage tanks, and meantime has made a great headway in offshore pipe-laying and platform construction.
Anyone who saw In the Company of Men knows LaBute is an unsparing observer of the heterosexual male superego.
An unsparing look at a brood of Texas small-town eccentrics, it's been playing since last May at Hollywood's 80-seat Theatre/Theater.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran's Police Chief Brigadier General Esmayeel Ahmadi Moqaddam on Wednesday praised his forces for their unsparing efforts to enhance the country's security, and underlined that Iran is the safest country in the region.
From that perspective Brudnoy tells his story without self-pity and with unsparing honesty.
With his exquisite control of language and unsparing vision, Trevor serves up the pain of ordinary life with such precision that it feels like a physical ache to comprehend it.
Director General of the Business Promotion and Assessment Department at the Iranian Ministry of Economy Hossein Mir Shojaian said on Saturday that economic elites' unsparing efforts resulted in creation of more jobs across Iran.
Goldhagen's morally unsparing analysis will no doubt provoke much debate and quite likely some protest.
In September, senior Hamas official Mahmoud al-Zahar praised Tehran's unsparing efforts as a main cause of the recent victory against the Zionist regime.
Speaking in a meeting with Larijani in Damascus on Sunday, al-Moallem appreciated the Iranian Supreme Leader, government and people for the unsparing support they have always extended for Damascus during nearly four-year-long war in the country.