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Synonyms for unsoundness

Antonyms for unsoundness

a condition of damage or decay

a misconception that is fallacious and not true or valid

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not mentally or physically healthy

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Prichard on "Soundness and Unsoundness of Mind" that attempts to address the question "by what distinguishing characteristics are we led to pronounce as to the presence or absence of such a state of the mental faculties as renders a man incompetent to the management of his affairs?
37) Instead of demonstrating the proof directly while applying previous methods, al-Ghazali begins by establishing the unsoundness of the opponent's claim based on their own arguments in a kind of immanent critique.
The grounds inter alia include adultery, cruelty, desertion, conversion to another religion, unsoundness of mind, renouncement of the world and not heard as being alive for a period of seven years or more.
For example, in Alabama the lieutenant governor succeeds to the governorship "in case of the governor's removal from office, death or resignation," and "[i]n case of the impeachment of the governor, his absence from the state for more than twenty days, unsoundness of mind, or other disability.
When market participants are subject to a welter of such government interventions, they may allocate resources in a way that allows distortions and imbalances to cumulate until the burdens these mistakes entail can no longer be sustained, and a sudden crash reveals the unsoundness of the overall economic structure.
Such businesses "are afraid even to look frightened for fear their unsoundness may be detected" (1873: 97).
In the last three decades, as bank regulators open their financial Industries for competition and liberalisation, many banks operated at a level that is less efficient and profitable leading to unsoundness or distress in the industry; thus generating concerns and worries among the bank stakeholders.
The cases that hold a trustee liable for losses for failing to investigate and evaluate the merits of an investment have based the trustee's liability on findings of fact that clearly established the unsoundness of the investment decision at the time it was made.
To the Editor: Normally I would have spared myself the effort and energy to react to the logically unsound, factually incorrect and bizarre editorial comment or article by J P de V van Niekerk, (1) Managing Editor of the South African Medical Journal, lest the true saying that arguing with unsound propositions might drag one to the pitiful valley of unsoundness and make people not to notice the difference, ring true in this context.
11) The falsity and unsoundness of this conclusion on the foundation of philosophy and jurisprudence has been a subject of controversy.
Lumber grade yield decreases inversely with annual ring intervals, severity of defects, and the size and number as well as the unsoundness of the knots present in the piece (SPIB 1994).
He explicitly says that the law demands that a distinction be made between "pardonable or excusable unsoundness of mind" and "wanton or ungovernable passion.
10) But other than the lateness at which most students of Western security sector governance have arrived at this conclusion, what concerns their counterparts who study non-Western security is the apparent unsoundness of the dominant model of security sector governance and reform for apprehending the patterns and experiences of the militaries and societies of developing regions, whose security and developmental approaches may not be congruent with Western approaches.
The conclusion that unsoundness of mind does not diminish liability either in negligence or under Wilkinson v Downton (16) was founded on a profound analysis of the basis of liability under either potential cause of action.
Bauer wanted to prove that "language is the most important instrument of human intercourse," but at the same time he inadvertently proved something he did not mean to prove, namely, the unsoundness of his own theory of nations, which denies the significance of a common language.