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not easily solved

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But that's the lure of the movie - how surreal and unsolvable it is.
An unsolvable problem has been the preferred choice of a sizeable section of the Greek Cypriot leadership that is doing everything it can to keep it that way, with Anstasiades also appearing to side with them of late.
Expressing the hope that Guterres would be able to take more steps to restore the rights of the developing nations, he warned that inability to settle the global crises through collective efforts and cooperation under the UN supervision can lead to further unsolvable problems and crises in the world.
ANKARA, Aug 19 (KUNA) -- The Syrian crisis has deepened, becoming complicated and unsolvable, said Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Friday.
But with everyone involved providing an unshakeable alibi, is this the ultimate unsolvable murder for DI Goodman and team?
The trend towards more and more compact chips constitutes a major challenge for manufacturers, since the increasing miniaturization creates partly unsolvable physical problems.
Alternately elusive and stunningly candid as it unpicks the Fassaert clan's tangled, troubled history with nonagenarian matriarch Marianne Hertz, this deceptively artless, journal-style film has no need for any carefully sculpted twists; rather, it's the sheer unpredictable perversity of human nature that takes the breath away at key points in Fassaert's unsettling, perhaps unsolvable, inquiry.
We hope extra government cash will ease the issue, but in many ways it's unsolvable - parents want their children to go to the best school - and there will always only be limited spaces at them.
It does end up saving the day when the group seems to come to an unsolvable problem.
BAGHDAD / NINA / Prime Minister, Haider al-Abadi confirmed : "Iraq's interest is the bigger that everyone and the threat of terrorism is a threat to all of Iraq, which calls us to solve all the problems, adding that he does not think that there is a unsolvable problem according to the Constitution, justice and fairness.
In a word, there are no unsolvable issues," the Prime Minister noted.
We are continually faced with great opportunities which are brilliantly disguised as unsolvable problems"
Russia has no unsolvable problems with Armenia, Russian Ambassador to Armenia Ivan Volynkin said during a
50 m, steel grating elements with a mesh size of 50 x 200 mm with stainless steel bracket, to the post permanently attached to each other and riveted unsolvable.