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Synonyms for unsolicited

Synonyms for unsolicited

not asked for


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It was at this time that he wrote letters of inquiry to the several great monthly and quarterly reviews, and learned in reply that they rarely considered unsolicited articles, and that most of their contents were written upon order by well-known specialists who were authorities in their various fields.
Nor were these the only tokens of extraordinary success; for, on the succeeding Saturday, Nicholas received, by favour of the indefatigable Mrs Grudden, no less a sum than thirty shillings; besides which substantial reward, he enjoyed considerable fame and honour: having a presentation copy of Mr Curdle's pamphlet forwarded to the theatre, with that gentleman's own autograph (in itself an inestimable treasure) on the fly-leaf, accompanied with a note, containing many expressions of approval, and an unsolicited assurance that Mr Curdle would be very happy to read Shakespeare to him for three hours every morning before breakfast during his stay in the town.
Poor Miss Briggs was very grateful for this mark of Sir Pitt's attention--it came so unsolicited, she said, for she never should have thought of removing the money from the funds--and the delicacy enhanced the kindness of the office; and she promised to see her man of business immediately and be ready with her little cash at the proper hour.
Howbeit, the father did not fail in any outward show of politeness, but, on the contrary, honoured him with much attention; perhaps cherishing the hope that, although not a man of a sufficiently brilliant and spontaneous turn of mind to repeat his former testimonial unsolicited, it might still be within the compass of his nature to bear the part of a responsive gentleman, in any correspondence that way tending.
However, telecom companies, which see a total ban on unsolicited calls and SMSes as a major loss of revenue, as well as mobile value added service ( VAS) providers and marketers, appear to have lobbied effectively to buy more time.
General liability underwriters can use two new exclusions filed by the Insurance Services Office to limit exposure to silica and unsolicited e-mail claims.
Companies can't send unsolicited advertisements to a fax machine.
Despite a federal law meant to curb the delivery of unsolicited commercial e-mails, users have seen little reprieve in the amount of unsolicited e-mails that fill their inboxes each day.
While the volume of adult spam is disturbing, the largest category of unsolicited spam continues to come from illegitimate direct mail companies that offer products to e-mail users who have not requested to be contacted.
PALMDALE - With unsolicited packages from the general public to U.
Heather Wilson (R-NM) that would prohibit the transmission of unsolicited e-mail has been approved by the House Commerce Committee.
UTAO has openly encouraged aspiring digital artists to submit their work for representation consideration, bucking the common agency practice of prohibiting unsolicited submissions.
In fact, as of March, 45% of all e-mail sent was unsolicited advertising, according to Brightmail, a San-Francisco-based anti-spam company.
Currently, analysts estimate, unsolicited bulk e-mail advertisements--"spam"--accounts for almost 50 percent of all e-mail sent worldwide--up dramatically since 2001 when the sometimes offensive, deceptive, and fraudulent e-mails comprised just 8 percent of all e-mails.
The timing of the Unsolicited Offer is highly opportunistic given that permitting is nearing completion and construction at the Rosemont project is imminent.