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not seeking or given to association


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Mark Zuckerberg, you see, is one of the inventors of Faceache, the unsocial media site where people who've never met keep asking other people who've never met to 'like' them, but, more importantly, to like their cats and dogs.
The dispute is over contractual changes which would require employees to work until 11pm and the removal of extra payment for unsocial hours, Unite regional officer Fazia Hussain-Brown said: "Our intention was to deliver a letter to Dame Margaret highlighting the reasons why the members have had to take industrial action and a plea to ask the management team to use the time on Monday morning meaningfully to sit down and hopefully end the dispute.
I AGREE with 'Unhappy tenant' who wrote to the Mail with regard to the allocation of flats to unsocial families and one parent families.
The Department of Justice has confirmed unsocial hours allowance and overtime payment - on which many Garda families depend - will not be paid until January.
You can't excuse in any way the conduct of workers shown on BBC's Panorama programme but there are many good people working long, unsocial hours providing the good care the elderly deserve for very little reward.
But Unison says it would mean a cut in unsocial hours pay for staff, with some losing over 10% of their income.
The source explained: "UnliKe in hospitals where staff get paid per unsocial hour they WORK, YAS staff simply get 25% unsocial pay on top of wages regardless of how many unsocial hours they WORK, so in many cases get lower paid than if they got paid for each unsocial hour.
The insider said that Abramovich paid a million over Gaga's usual asking price to compensate for the unsocial hours.
Although Mr Wilshire does pay a decent wage at the televised call centre, people do get the sack there on a regular basis and some leave because of the unsocial shift work hours.
Executives in the study are described as having a social CEO - those with CEOs who participate in social media - versus those with an unsocial CEO.
That included overtime, overnight allowance, unsocial hours and national insurance payments.
The 411: Unsocial is a mobile application for conference attendees.
Working unsocial hours was found to increase the chances of a heart attack by more than a fifth, with the risk of a stroke rising by 5%.
I too am glad that the issue of unsocial and dangerous use of jet skis and speedboats at Amwaj is finally on the letters page (GDN, May 13).
Job evaluation proposals at Bridgend include removing almost all conditions relating to overtime, unsocial hours, weekend working and replacing them with single-time payments, resulting in 25% of council workers, around 2,000, facing pay cuts.