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having or caused by an irregular surface

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Unsmooth co-functioning of the human brain and linguistic capability, and the occurrence of communicative problems is undoubtedly a topic of vital importance.
In the rare event that Toyota drivers notice that the accelerator pedal is hard to depress, slow to return or is unsmooth during operation, they should contact their nearest Toyota dealership.
For example, using an unsmooth potential output series as an input in the QPM presumably would have led to a calibration of the QPM that involved smaller reactions to potential output or that used reactions to both current and lagged values of potential output, so that the smoothing effectively occurred at this second stage.
The depth of insertion is limited by the decreasing lumen of the ST from base to apex, the curvature of the cochlear spiral, and an uneven and unsmooth lumen, particularly in the apical region.
If the gear change is unsmooth, the car struggles to accelerate and revs highly with the K light on, then the gearbox solenoids need replacing.
If a participant of the conversation finds that what she has to say justifies an unsmooth speaker change and wishes to begin to speak without waiting for the next transition-relevance place, she is well advised to begin her turn in a way that makes the violation of the turn-taking system rules understandable for the other participants, that is, one that makes them actually listen to what she has to say rather than continuing the current turn or fighting down her attempt to talk.
The negotiations were unsmooth because the leadership of Pertamina Negotiation Team was replaced twice during the 1994-1996 period.
At present, the unsmooth of the fund channel is still the major bottleneck of restraining development of the medium and small enterprises.
However, unsmooth migration to new products and Motorola, one of its major customers, losing market share eroded the company's earnings since 2006.
Research on wear resistance composite with bionic unsmooth surface.
In addition, transportation costs have also risen -- on the one hand directly pushing up egg prices, while on the other hand leading to market communication becoming unsmooth.
Unfortunately, due to unsmooth baselines, it was not possible to quantify the crystallinity increase during the annealing, IR spectra also showed indications of the presence of both [alpha] and [beta] crystallinity and it seemed that the [beta] crystallinity had increased slightly relative to the [alpha] crystallinity in the annealed specimens, in accordance with what has previously been reported (21), (22).
There are very few straight edges, and while the forms have soft curves, the surfaces tend to be unfinished and unsmooth.
An unsmooth exchange-rate adjustment of this sort is likely to have deleterious effects on the smooth evolution of the world economy.