unslaked lime

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a white crystalline oxide used in the production of calcium hydroxide

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On 18 September 2001, we sampled the waste oils and solvents from the unslaked lime process and analyzed them by gas chromatographymass selective detector (HP 5973 Series, Hewlett Packard, Wellesley, MA, USA).
Case 1, a 51-year-old male, had been employed in the plant since 1986 and moved to the unslaked lime process with two other co-workers in July 2000.
All cases were production workers who had either participated in the unslaked lime process or worked nearby.
We suspect that the unslaked lime process is responsible for the development of this toxic hepatitis outbreak for the following reasons: a) during the 2 years before the outbreak, there were no significant changes in the amount and composition of the wastes or in the origin of the raw waste materials, except for the introduction of this unslaked lime process; b) no cases of hepatitis occurred before the introduction of the unslaked lime process; and c) simulation of the unslaked lime process showed that several hepatotoxic materials are generated in the waste and vapors.
Because the simulation of unslaked lime was performed on a much smaller scale than the true case and because the simulation was undertaken in November, the chemical composition may have varied significantly from that of June or August.
1988) suspected that toxic hepatitis could be caused by the synergistic interaction of various unknown chemicals generated during the unslaked lime process through thermochemical reactions.
We conclude that this outbreak of toxic hepatitis developed as a result of exposure to the hepatotoxic materials generated during the treatment of industrial waste using unslaked lime.
However, this plant had invented a new adaptation to improve the original unslaked lime process by introducing a thermochemical reaction.
Tenders are invited for a) unloading of unslaked lime from rake and shifting and b) unloading of unslaked lime from trailer/ truck, weighment and shifting to designated godown without using hook