unslaked lime

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a white crystalline oxide used in the production of calcium hydroxide

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During this process, workers put 100-250 drums (200 L) of liquid wastes and 7-12 tons of unslaked lime into a vat of 10 m x 25 m x 1 m.
On 18 September 2001, we sampled the waste oils and solvents from the unslaked lime process and analyzed them by gas chromatographymass selective detector (HP 5973 Series, Hewlett Packard, Wellesley, MA, USA).
Tenders are invited for Unloading Of Unslaked Lime From Trailer Or Truck, Weighment And Shifting To Designated Godown Without Using Hook
Tenders are invited for Procurement of 4050 MT Lime for crushing season 2014-15 - 4050 MT unslaked lime with minimum 82% of Cao contents, packed in polythene lined bags of 30 to 40 Kgs each.
Tenders are invited for a) unloading of unslaked lime from rake and shifting and b) unloading of unslaked lime from trailer/ truck, weighment and shifting to designated godown without using hook
Tenders are invited for Supply of Sand/Granite Stone Slabs, 40mm HBG Metal, River Sand, Unslaked Lime, and 3/4 inch Tata Chisel rod for monument including cost and conveyance of material, loading and unloading charges, Seignorage Charges and all Taxes etc.
excluding unslaked lime, from trailer/ truck by engaging manpower and loading into trucks, weighment of the loaded truck at the weighbridge, shifting to the designated Godown with the material properly covered/ tied so that filled chemical bag/ slab does not fall down, unloading and stacking material properly in the Godown.
Tenders are invited for supply of 9000 mt unslaked lime at nagaon paper mill assam