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Synonyms for unshrinking

not shrinking from danger

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Here, with the nearness of an answering smile, here within the vibrating bond of mutual speech, was the bright creature whom she had trusted--who had come to her like the spirit of morning visiting the dim vault where she sat as the bride of a worn-out life; and now, with a full consciousness which had never awakened before, she stretched out her arms towards him and cried with bitter cries that their nearness was a parting vision: she discovered her passion to herself in the unshrinking utterance of despair.
Unshrinking from the problems of adolescent interactions, "Abbey's Turn" offers a new "take" on ways to make lemonade from life's lemon-gifts.
The American people, as one, are deeply grateful for your service, for the sacrifices you and your family are making, and for your unshrinking commitment to our nation.
One agent of change unshrinking in providing information is Ladbrokes, who launched their new website this week with a blast (sports.
Leavis found Hardy's unconventional language to be full of "gauche unshrinking mismarriages" of words, of the "prosaic banal, the stilted literary, the colloquial" jumbled together in a seemingly random process.
The American people, as one, are deeply grateful for the service and sacrifice of men and women in uniform and their families, and for their unshrinking commitment to pursuing the principles of our nation.