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unshaken in purpose

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When morning came again and the night had brought no succoring Korak, Meriem's faith and loyalty were still unshaken though misgivings began to assail her as to the safety of her friend.
It was a fine dry night; frost in the air; the streets as clean as a ballroom floor; the lamps, unshaken by any wind, drawing a regular pattern of light and shadow.
The colour which had been driven from her face, returned for half a minute with an additional glow, and a smile of delight added lustre to her eyes, as she thought for that space of time that his affection and wishes must still be unshaken.
Both before and after saving it she remains absorbed, but at length moves, and turns, unshaken in her natural and acquired presence, towards the door.
To face that savage mountain of onrushing ferocity, to stand unshaken before the hideous fangs that he knew were bared in slavering blood-thirstiness, though he could not see them, required nerves of steel; but of such were the nerves of Carthoris of Helium.
But the terrible fact that my husband himself had actually purchased the arsenic in both cases remained unshaken.
Despite the court's judgment the offender's hold on his followers remains unshaken.
The conviction and hopes of George San Mateo, leader of Pinagkaisang Samahan ng Tsuper at Opereytor Nationwide (Piston), remained unshaken despite his arrest on Tuesday afternoon.
DAVID WAGNER says confidence in the Town camp is unshaken as they prepare to take on Everton at Goodison Park tomorrow.
Little steps Giant leaps Run too fast Someone weeps But little steps Carefully taken Considering the cracked pavement Leaves one unshaken.
He said that because of unshaken trust in the leadership of Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif the candidates of PML-N succeeded throughout the province.
The resolve of Germany, the United States, and the broader international community will remain unshaken in the face of acts of despicable violence such as this.
Such criminal act will only add to our unshaken determination to fight terrorism and terrorists' ideologies regardless of their motives," the statement confirmed.
NNA - Sunni Muslims are fortified by their unshaken faith in partnership rather than believing in documents of understanding legitimizing Hezbollah's statelet, resigned cabinet minister Ashraf Rifi stated in response to Gebran Bassil's utterances in Tripoli today.
He said that because of the unshaken trust in the leadership of Prime Minister Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, the PML-N candidates had succeeded throughout the province.