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in an unsentimental manner

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Peer Gynt has a story populated with characters who are portrayed unsentimentally it also includes supernatural trolls, Death itself, and other elements of Scandinavian folklore.
She unsentimentally made pictures that were guided by her relationship to a place.
Searching for a new role, it will assess once again, carefully, unsentimentally, and unobtrusively, the balance of material and psychological forces in light of the rise of China, Korean developments, and their impact on Japan's security.
In his excellent and thoughtful appraisal of Halward's writing in 1988, Lester also discerned that the Birmingham man, who died in 1976, mostly wrote about the working class unsentimentally and "with a determined directness and honesty".
The story of a woman scorned may seem formulaic, but Offill's unsentimentally captures the pain, the honesty, and the humor of a mortifying situation.
In that and future essays and common ventures, Hartman's voice enabled insights that I had only dared to mumble to myself--all pointing in the same direction, unsentimentally but also unapologetically: toward the "deep compassion" that can come of this "troubled, ambivalent moment.
Steve McQueen directs unsentimentally, leaving the facts to speak for themselves.
Mayer offers an unusual, remarkably clear introduction: a scholar unsentimentally recounts his personal experience in order to situate scholarly claims in their historical and human context.
If plebiscites taken at the time to ratify the new countries are to be believed, these pan-Arabic arrangements tended to be wildly popular at the outset, the peoples of the region quick to embrace new flags and to unsentimentally discard old ones in the name of Arab solidarity.
Looked at unsentimentally, Canadian and American higher education since the mid-twentieth century has become a major industry.
The thread that connects all of the incidents in this grim, unsentimentally humorous novel is the Crims' religious faith and, specifically, their affiliation in Los Angeles with Sister Teressa, who presides over the Temple of Bliss, obvious facsimiles of Aimee Semple McPherson and her Angelus Temple.
Michael Seal, stepping in at short notice (he's such a safe pair of hands), conducted a performance which moved along fairly swiftly and unsentimentally but which allowed both the main Conservatoire Symphony Orchestra and the alert chamber orchestra to layer their textures and colours to telling effect.
Many readers, such as the students in my recent class on adoption literature, find it is enlightening to have the young narrator Tassie's perspective, as a mother's helper, on the adoption process, birth mothers (rarely treated so sympathetically yet unsentimentally in fiction), caregivers, social service workers, and the adoptive family.
Like DiLullo, Stein ensured that Blitzer became well-versed in the nuts and bolts of the scouting profession, evaluating unsentimentally the talent at hand.