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Synonyms for unselfishness

Synonyms for unselfishness

the quality of not putting yourself first but being willing to give your time or money or effort etc. for others

acting generously


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It indicates to others that the wearer has undergone gruelling and physically demanding tests of endurance, by displaying the Commando qualities of unselfishness, cheerfulness under adversity, courage, determination and high professional standards.
The socio-political stability, peace, consolidation of the society were brought to the country largely due to courage, persistence and unselfishness of Roza Otunbaeva, the Diplomatic Academy said.
A human interest story about unselfishness and a person who hasn't gone looking for honours monetary, or otherwise, and then says anyone would have done it, or words to that effect.
After that it was a cruise, with Rooney presented with a tap-in by Dimitar Berbatov's unselfishness and Fabio wrapping up a win that takes United four points clear of Arsenal at the start of a crucial week in the title race.
His unselfishness is what players will remember him for most," The Sun quoted Sky Sports pundit Tony Gayle, as saying.
The carnival will promote the message of unselfishness through skits, songs and stories targeting various age groups.
She first saw the unselfishness when her entire squad chose to commit early last summer.
They usually find some way to explain that what appears to be unselfishness on the surface pays off for the one who did the good deed.
It's vital - our world needs commitment, unselfishness, an alternative to materialism and the light of love in the community.
This perpetual trophy is awarded each year to the person or persons who best embody the true 'aloha spirit' and display the qualities shared by Rell Sunn and the Luau & Longboard Invitational - the battle against cancer, combined with unselfishness, compassion and a dedication to helping others," said Jessica Yingling, co-chair of the 16th Annual Moores UCSD Cancer Center Luau & Longboard Invitational.
There was much unselfishness to make sure the championship weekend was celebrated properly.
Having served on operations with the Royal Marines around the globe in Kosovo, Iraq and once before in Afghanistan, he was no stranger to risk - but faced up to it, displaying the finest qualities of the Commando Spirit: courage, determination, unselfishness and cheerfulness.
It is only through an instinctual will to survive and the unselfishness of Old Tallow, the woman who had long ago rescued Omayaka, that the family is able to see their way through the winter and to their journey's end.
They were commended: "Your unselfishness and tireless efforts were truly appreciated by all of the soldiers and officers of the "Stallion" Battalion.
Unselfishness means that he will sacrifice his game to find better opportunities for teammates, and will always make others on the floor better because of his presence.