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Synonyms for unselfish

Synonyms for unselfish

willing to give of oneself and one's possessions

without concern for oneself

Antonyms for unselfish

disregarding your own advantages and welfare over those of others

not greedy

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However, if when he's not scoring he's still contributing as he's a very unselfish team player.
A player who fails to think, fails to strategize, and thus really doesn't try to win is by that fact an unselfish player.
We did the job defensively and played good unselfish basketball on offense," Worcester Academy coach Molly Dullea said.
But he has been really unselfish for the team and has created two or three good goals.
Now the team is investigating whether they learn selfish and unselfish behaviour from their parents - or whether they are just born that way.
An unselfish prosocial act is one which "requires the actor to sacrifice time, money, or some other valuable resource to help, or avoid harming, others.
One group of early Greek hedonist philosophers, though, suggested that no matter what we choose to do, there will always be a self-centered motive, no matter how unselfish it might appear.
It is Rooney's unselfish nature that has caused some of his problems.
CSUN had 21 assists on 32 field goals, with three players leading the way with four each, illustrating the Matadors' unselfish attitude.
Events over the past three days have shown unequivocally the warmth of the British people to the Queen, who is regarded as the epitome of unselfish service and dedication.
THERE are many good, unselfish people in this world, and I know at least four I wish to name: a neighbour and three of my family.
Smith Achievement Award in 2004, which honors those who have given of themselves in an unselfish manner to the promotion of NAIA baseball and have distinguished themselves in the sport.
They were frightened and he offered to help them as a payback for their unselfish support helping the ill despite their own desperate situation.
It is a most unselfish act and perhaps that is why there are still 10,000 children waiting for a foster home.
Their views of birth mothers vary by race; White birth mothers are most often described as unselfish, while Asian, Black, and White birth mothers of Biracial children are viewed with greater ambiguity.