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Alexander categorised people into either unselfconscious or self-conscious cultures, based on methods of teaching and learning.
It's an extraordinary, unselfconscious and brave thing to do and every bit as remarkable as the man himself.
Dodd is an unselfconscious version of On Kawara, the artist who has famously been painting dates for over 40 years, centering white sans-serif characters on a monochromatic dark background.
This unselfconscious series has been about a credible story backed by good special effects riding on the fighting skills of a latex-wearing lead femme fatale.
He shouts, barks and bellows his way through the nativity songs and John Travoltas his way through the accompanying dancing in the delicious way that only a completely unselfconscious tot can do.
The 47-year-old rocker looked typically unselfconscious as she first stripped off her white T-shirt, revealing a glittering black crop top, the Daily Mail reported.
Not one of those smug, self-satisfied ones I normally have when I'm pretending to be a millionaire playboy for this column, but one that was totally unselfconscious and genuine.
In the painting "Thesis and Antithesis dripped dots of blackberry jam on the smock of crying Synthesis," her "guys" intertwined in exuberant unselfconscious postures engage on the levels of imagination and play, narrative and movement.
After the short intermission, a sea of tomatoes on stage, were pureed by the completely unselfconscious dancers.
He had a particular fascination for the colours and geometric spaces of Islamic architecture as well as a great respect for the straightforward, unselfconscious clergy-free prayer of Muslim worship and these are subject matters that are seen throughout his oeuvre.
Synthesising vernacular wisdom with modernity in a direct and unselfconscious way, it exemplifies a resonant, contemporary African architecture
They don't know what is expected of them so they can be very free and unselfconscious.
The overall effect is of an indie melange, as Mikel Jollett's unselfconscious lyrics provide a low-key narrative of our times.
The broad idea seems to be this: hitherto, a distinction has been drawn between the unselfconscious artefacts produced by exotic cultures of the kind made famous by anthropologists and the self-consciously produced paintings, sculptures, and so on that have formed the subject-matter of philosophical aesthetics since Kant.
And there was the unselfconscious adaptability that only a seasoned performer can muster when things fall out of place.