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Unseeing, we spoke to one another through the scent of flowers, through the veil of leaves, through the blades of long grass that stood still before our lips; so great was our prudence, so faint was the murmur of our great longing.
She sat in the middle of the canoe with covered face; silent as she is now; unseeing as she is now--and I had no regret at what I was leaving because I could hear her breathing close to me--as I can hear her now.
She sank down into her chair again, and took up the same position which Mary had compared to the position of one watching an unseeing face.
She was not inattentive so much as remote; she looked at once so unseeing and so intent upon some vision of her own that Mary gradually felt more than protective--she became actually alarmed at the prospect of some collision between Katharine and the forces of the outside world.
Hamilton Fynes, this mysterious person who had succeeded, indeed, in making a record journey, was leaning back in the corner of his seat, his arms folded, his head drooping a little, but his eyes still fixed in that unseeing stare.
The Ancient Mariner dreamed back into the steward's eyes with a blank, unseeing gaze.
Not a word is spoken; the populous depths of the forest still murmur with their unseen and unseeing swarm, but all along the fringe there is silence absolute.
she asked, ere it came to her that his eyes were unseeing and that he was in delirium.
It was that, more than the shock of surprise of Lady Wetherby's news, that had sent him striding along the State Road at the rate of five miles an hour, staring before him with unseeing eyes.
Not only do smartphones reportedly decrease empathy but their presence can result in a meal mitigated by their unseeing lenses.
NOWHERE on Earth is lonelier than a crowd - a bustling street, fleet feet, unseeing faces; so many hands but none to hold, so many shoulders but none to rest on.
Given our proclivity to immediately emulate the latest fads and fashions of the developed world and import them wholesale, in a vain attempt to "keep up with the times", lest someone think we are not modern, we may be walking with eyes open but unseeing over the cliff edge.
The baby stared right at us with his unseeing eyes.
Further experiments will explore alternative ways that journeys could be displayed in the cabin so that unseeing passengers can be warned of events such as twisty roads or hump backed bridges.