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Synonyms for unseeing

without the sense of sight

Synonyms for unseeing

not consciously observing

lacking sight

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But she too would sometimes raise her pale eyes to look at me in her unseeing gentle way.
The glance was unseeing and staring, a fascinated glance; but he did not turn to look after us.
He looked up again in his unseeing, unimaginative way.
The figures' disturbing faces, eyeless and unseeing with mouths open in a silent scream, illustrate 'le conflit espece-individu' (1949i, 68), (25) like Saint Phalle's brides they have ceded their subjectivity to the species.
Clark describes the authors of the tragedy--the "statesmen" of Europe--as being "like sleepwalkers, watchful but unseeing, haunted by dreams, yet blind to the horror they were about to bring into the world.
First, the One generates Nous as unseeing intelligible matter or as Intellect not yet thinking, which is moved by eros toward the One as its intelligible object.
Apparently none of this was important enough to warrant any action from Clews who was allowed to quietly resign after Daniel's murder and take his unseeing eyes and his uncaring heart to another school.
Finally, the most important ingredient of potentiavoyance is the talent of inspiring or coaxing the unseeing protege to recognize and embrace this new vision of his or her future self (otherwise, the above discussions of the other 9 qualities are truly for naught).
There is a scene when Georges has to pull up her underwear as she holds herself upright and stares, unseeing, at the camera.
The hooting of the train in the dark the unseeing bat in the light" (Solanke 2008)
Today, I watched her as she fell into a coma, her face was grey - she could not speak, her beautiful eyes were unseeing.
Today, I watched her as she fell into a coma, her face was grey -- she could not speak, her beautiful eyes were unseeing," her mother said.
The following day Jimmy pushed his chair, unseeing but knowing exactly where he was, farther toward the window.
Turning an unseeing eye to IT theft ignores essential morality
Nick read it a second time, then stood for a long while with it crumpled in his fist, gazing out unseeing across the lagoon.