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impossible or nearly impossible to see

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Mitchell argues that, "Visual culture entails a meditation on blindness, the invisible, the unseen, the unseeable, and the overlooked" (2002, 170) and Hillary Chute and Marianne DeKoven assert that, "Graphic narratives, on the whole, have the potential to be powerful precisely because they intervene against a culture of invisibility by taking the risk of representation" (2006, 772).
In simpler terms, how do we look over our shoulders and see the unseeable beast?
Terry Davies & David Rajeski, Overseeing the Unseeable,
The essay then proceeds to sound this unseen and unseeable Constitution--as sheerly invisible--as being itself.
A discussion of the fall of the natural world, and how many things that our fathers have seen are now unseeable to the modern age, "Let There Be Night" is intriguing and enlightening, if a bit saddening.
This is the point of Judith Butler's work--to eradicate silence, "to make a trace, to disrupt the notion of the unseeable, to make a lot of noise"--and that it does.
It'll be a decade before even scientists get a grasp on what improves as a result of whatever unseeable boundaries the government decides to draw on maritime maps.
It is followed by twelve more stories that explore many of the themes of Millhauser's other tales: obsession, youth, the unseen, and the unseeable.
But it always returned, or lingered, growing unseeable.
This unknowable horizon, this unseeable light, which surrounds and governs our learning, is no predetermined boundary at which our knowledge must stop, some point of finality which could extinguish the desire to know.
Whiffs of the country house mystery occasionally hang in the air; some of the essays appear to promise that sense that all difficulties are made easy when they are known, even while they admit that the need for equivocation and encryption, for secrecy and hiddenness in the heavily proscribed culture of English Catholicism necessarily entails an epistemology of the priest hole, a structure unknowable and unseeable from the outside.
from the back' without losing the simultaneous acknowledgment of the unseeable, the intangible--in effect, it insists upon the recognition of theatrical narrative's power to 'conjure' images" (Gels 65).
Is it a web of nerve and sense, a vision unseeable until raw flame cooks the apparent earth away?
and superstices amid the lattices invis unseeable of the crystal and its